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Put the right information in front of the right audience at the right time. Reach your customers where they are — in their crypto wallets.
Wallet messaging is changing the way brands connect with their audience. It's been proven that 71% of B2C marketers consider a wallet address more valuable than an email address.
Fully integrated with XMTP's messaging protocol and inbox providers like Coinbase Wallet, Lens, and Converse.

Web3 Messaging

Web3 messaging is a rising concept that is increasingly becoming popular in the world of technology, especially as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized networks take center stage. Web3 messaging is known as wallet messaging — it unveils a new decentralized era where people all across the globe can communicate directly in a secure, encrypted manner via blockchain networks. This transforms traditional communication, shrugging off the need for third parties and offering an unparalleled level of privacy and control to web3 users.

One notable pioneer in the world of web3 messaging is XMTP Labs. They've been doing some impressive work, bringing cutting-edge technologies and introducing revolutionary blockchain-based innovations in the field. They've spearheaded the invention of the revolutionary Coinbase XMTP, an offering that has certainly made a wave in this emerging industry. XMTP works as a message transport protocol, providing a seamless, decentralized way of sending messages through blockchain. Holder, a web3 CRM and messaging platform, is the only web3 marketing platform to utilize the XMTP network and secure protocol for wallet messaging at scale. Sign up for free to start sending wallet messages to your web3 customers’ wallets.

The introduction of XMTP to the Coinbase ecosystem is an excellent testament to the exponential growth and acceptance of this innovative technology. With this, XMTP Labs has significantly amplified its reach by availing its token on a globally recognized platform such as Coinbase. This, in turn, places XMTP in the hands of millions of users, further stimulating the adoption of web3 chatting.

Say goodbye to constricting logs of chats tethered to a centralized server. Now, chat participants can exchange messages directly from their secure digital wallets. This offers an unrivaled level of security and privacy, thanks to blockchain technology.

Pioneers in the space, like XMTP Labs, are imagining a future where web3 chat will be the norm. This kind of technology moves us away from siloing user data on central servers and instead allows for a future where the ownership and control of our data is put back into our own hands. It's a unique kind of freedom, one that beckons to a world where personal data remains personal. The digital future is decentralizing, and web3 messaging lies at the core of this groundbreaking transformation.

Web3 Messaging Adoption

Speaking of adoption, wallet-to-wallet messaging is a game-changer brought about by web3 technology. Holder's latest report, titled 'The State of Wallet Messaging,' offers compelling insights gleaned from months of rigorous research. Despite being a relatively new addition to the marketing landscape, a substantial 67% of B2C marketers are familiar with wallet messaging.

In the realm of web3, where the demand for native communication channels is evident, wallet messaging emerges as a solution. Similar to direct messaging on social media, the crypto space requires a seamless means for users to connect.

The appeal of wallet messaging lies in its potential to provide personalized customer experiences directly within the transaction ecosystem. A noteworthy 79% of marketers express interest, with 40% being very interested, in leveraging wallet messaging.

Looking ahead, an impressive 79% of marketers plan to implement wallet messaging within the next 12 months, and 64% aim to be early adopters within the next six months. This anticipated widespread adoption reflects the growing recognition of the technology's significance across industries.

In a paradigm shift, 71% of marketers now consider a wallet address more valuable than an email address. This underscores the evolving landscape of web3 technology, where blockchain addresses offer invaluable insights into customer behavior.

To enhance the effectiveness of web3 marketing, you can sign up to user Holder for free.

Early adopters, such as Holder customers, report a substantial 10-15x increase in customer engagement and conversions. This highlights the efficacy of wallet messaging as an emerging marketing channel, prompting brands to consider its integration into their communication strategy.

As a leading provider in this space, Holder invites brands to explore the possibilities of wallet messaging. The full report offers in-depth insights into the transformative landscape of web3 communication — you can download it here or learn more about Holder Messaging today.

Web3 Messaging Protocol

This transformative technological shift of the web3 messaging protocol is promising to revolutionize the way we communicate on the web with advanced features like end-to-end encryption and decentralization.

In this digital era, conversations about data privacy and security are more prevalent than ever. The web3 messaging protocol becomes a game-changer in this scenario, heralding a new era in online communication. It ensures absolute privacy as neither the platform nor any third-party can access the messages exchanged, all thanks to end-to-end encryption. This level of privacy is what we've all been yearning for in our digital communications.

Moving beyond traditional communication channels, the web3 messaging app is the talk of the town. By utilizing a decentralized messaging protocol, these apps are offering unparalleled data security while maintaining user anonymity. As a conduit for true online freedom, these apps allow people to communicate without worrying about undesired interception or surveillance. 

A significant player in the web3 sphere is the XMTP protocol, a new favorite in the digital communications landscape. What makes XMTP unique is its design, which is specifically structured to adapt to the demands of digital ecosystems. It ensures viable and secure communication methods as we evolve into an increasingly digital and decentralized world.

As you dive deeper into the world of web3, you will likely find XMTP messaging to be an integral part of your digital experience. It offers a superior communicative interface, bolstered by robust end-to-end encryption, all while being part of the decentralized web3 ecosystem. The synergy of these technologies marks an exciting phase in the world of digital communications, no doubt signaling a new chapter for online privacy and security. Wallet messaging empowers brands and creators to connect with their customers and holders in a native, real-time way — directly in their crypto wallets. 

Web3 Messaging App

Web3 emerges as the newest technological revolutionizing our systems of online communication and interaction in the web3 ecosystem. If you are looking for a web3 messaging app, enable XMTP messaging in your crypto wallet and download an XMTP-enabled app like Coinbase Wallet, Orb, Hey, Converse, Unstoppable Domains, Snapshot, Holder, and many more. Designed with the Web3 architectural framework in mind, this messaging application merges the best of decentralized technology with modern-day communication practices. 

Imagine having a messaging app that doesn't compromise user data for the sake of advertising. Now, that's the freshness that a web3 messaging app brings along. One whose architectural mapping is embedded within the web3 framework enjoys benefits like privacy, user autonomy and robust security mechanisms. On a more cheerful note, the app offers a fresh modern look that ensures user-friendly interaction without complex jargon or technicalities.

This newfound technological gem is easy to acquire too. Web3 messaging app download is accessible through numerous online platforms. Regardless of your operating system or device — there's always a compatible version awaiting you. The process is straightforward, just how you like it — no endless downloads or puzzling installations. Learn more about sending and receiving wallet messaging here

Blockchain Messaging

Enter the fascinating world of blockchain messaging, an innovative technology that is revolutionizing the way we communicate online. Driven by the transformative power of blockchain, these messaging systems offer an unparalleled level of security and privacy. Whether you're a tech enthusiast eager to keep up with cutting-edge developments or a privacy-conscious individual, blockchain messaging has something for everybody.

This stunning innovation is redefining the rules of digital communication. Leveraging the decentralized nature of blockchain, these chats render a no-go zone for hackers and intruders, safeguarding your conversations from malicious threats. 

But how do you get started? With a plethora of blockchain messaging apps in the market, get started using Holder for free. There are a myriad of user-friendly apps offering a smooth initiation into the exciting domain of blockchain messaging systems.

But it's not just about individual users. A wave of innovative blockchain messaging companies is paving the way for a new era of digital communication. These organizations are pushing boundaries by creating sustainable, secure, and user-friendly platforms for businesses and individuals.

Embrace the future of online communication with the power of blockchain messaging. There has never been a better time to get familiar with this pioneering technology that's poised to redefine our digital world. Whether you're an individual looking for more secure chatting options or a business keen to safeguard your communications, blockchain messaging holds promises that are too enticing to ignore.

How To Send Wallet Messages

Understanding how to send wallet messages can open up a whole new world of convenience for those involved in the blockchain and digital asset industry. So what exactly are wallet messages? Simply put, they are notes or instructions linked to transactions that are routed through a blockchain network. They offer a mode of communication between the sender and the receiver of the digital transaction, making the entire process smoother and more efficient. Learn more about sending and receiving web3 messages here.

Using this interactive feature requires a blockchain wallet address. It's a unique identifier that allows you to send, receive, and store digital assets on the blockchain. Think of it as your digital home address — instead of physical packages, you are receiving digital assets. The method of getting this address depends on the specific wallet app you choose to use. Once you receive it, take note of it since you'll be using it to send and receive wallet messages along with transactions. 

Although the concept is universal in the blockchain world, the method of enabling this feature varies from wallet to wallet. Some wallets may provide this option right at the setup stage, while for others, you might need to dig a little deeper into the settings. Ensuring the feature is enabled takes us one step closer to engaging in dynamic digital transactions.

With the rise of blockchain technology, the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Domain now enables wallet users to replace long, complicated alphanumeric wallet addresses with human-readable names. Learn how to set up your ENS domain for wallet messaging here. This makes it easier to share your wallet address, reducing errors and increasing the ease of transactions. Consider securing an ENS domain to simplify your wallet address. 

Learning how to send wallet messages in the blockchain world offers an avenue for personalized, interactive transactions. With the unique blockchain wallet address at your disposal and the facility of an ENS domain, you are now ready to revolutionize your digital asset transactions. 

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