A new era requires new tools.

Holder is a web3 CRM and messaging platform for the decentralized world.

Holder Web3 Marketing Platform

Capture and merge on and off-chain data.

Capture leads and new customers with web3-enabled forms and Holder's Frame Builder.
Fully enrich wallets with on-chain ownership and activity data.
Combine on-chain and off-chain data in our next-gen CDP and web3 system of record.

Build your audience.

Create dynamic customer segments, or take a snapshot, using on-chain and off-chain data.
Manage all your owners and community members in a web3 CRM.
Enrich contact profiles with data from Discord, OpenSea, POAP, Farcaster, Lens, ENS, and more.

Scale your web3 communication.

Build powerful workflows and automated campaigns that connect web2 and web3 channels.
Send segmented notifications and updates to your community via XMTP messaging, email, SMS, and more.
Trigger personalized customer experiences using on-chain interactions, APIs, and more.

Harness the power of integrations.

Holder plays nice with the products and channels you already use, like Discord, Twitter, OpenSea, XMTP, Airstack, Farcaster, Lens, POAP, Dynamic, and more.

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