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Drive 10-15x conversions by reaching your customers directly in their crypto wallets with your marketing campaigns.
Wallet messaging is changing the way brands connect with their audience. It's been proven that 71% of B2C marketers consider a wallet address more valuable than an email address.
Build loyal customer relationships, drive deep engagement, and personalize customer experiences with wallet messaging via Holder.

Web3 Chat

Web3 chatting is a tech-forward and privacy-focused communication modality designed to meet the imperatives of today's digital and decentralized world. In this engaging journey along the modern routes of communication, we are bound to discuss other auxiliary concepts such as wallet messaging, web3 messaging, crypto wallet messaging, and Holder Messaging. In all honestly, their concepts are all the same — any messaging on the blockchain is considered wallet messaging because it is one user sending a chat to another web3 user. All wallet messages land directly in the recipient's wallet address inbox — get started with Holder for free! 

Essentially, web3 chat refers to a texting service that operates on web3 infrastructure, a decentralized platform for online transactions. Where conventional chat systems depend on centralized servers, web3 chat balances the power structure, placing control in users' hands. This results in enhanced privacy, improved security, and freedom from third-party interference.

In the context of web3, your crypto wallet is not merely a tool for managing and exchanging cryptocurrencies. It’s also a communication hub. Wallet messaging enables users to send and receive messages directly through their web3 wallets, without involving any intermediaries. It is a significant innovation that redefines the way users interact, giving them greater control over their messages.

Web3 messaging encapsulates the idea of decentralized communication. Unlike traditional messaging platforms controlled by single entities, web3 messaging applies blockchain technologies to distribute control and ownership. By so doing, it redefines privacy, security, and user control in the digital communication landscape — learn more about web3 user control, security, and privacy.

Crypto wallet messaging is essentially another term for wallet messaging. Crypto wallet messaging allows crypto users to communicate with other crypto users, providing them with a secure channel to communicate. Through web3 marketing platforms like Holder, every message is encrypted and directly sent between wallets — get started with Holder for free!

Holder Messaging allows creators and brands to send messages to their target audience and other cryptocurrency holders. The web3 marketing platform has built-in web3 automation, wallet messaging, web3 marketing tools, web3 analytics, and more. Holder Messaging helps brands facilitate communication with their web3 communities and build personalized customer experiences all on their own without needing a web3 marketing agency. Through Holder, your brand can experience what it means to have a loyal brand community — get started now.

Web3 chatting is the future of brand experiences and marketing campaigns. The technology behind this emerging web3 marketing channel displays a new era of encrypted, private, and decentralized communication in the continuously evolving digital world. By fully unlocking your potential with wallet messaging, we are stepping closer to a future where meaningful and secure digital interactions become the norm, rather than the exception.

Statistics Around Web3 Messaging

In the contemporary digital landscape, with a staggering 4.37 billion email users and 5.6 billion active phone numbers globally, email and SMS marketing persist as pivotal engagement channels for most consumer brands. However, for web3 brands targeting on-chain audiences, a unique challenge arises as their customers are identified solely by pseudonymous or anonymous wallet addresses, hindering direct communication.

Addressing this challenge, innovative "wallet messaging" protocols such as XMTP have emerged, enabling effective communication between wallets. Holder, a pioneer in this space, recently conducted a groundbreaking State of Wallet Messaging study involving nearly 200 B2C marketers, shedding light on the landscape's intricacies.

Wallet messaging, though in its infancy, has garnered attention, with 67% of B2C marketers already familiar with it as a marketing and communication channel. The parallel with traditional SMS messaging is evident, underscoring the similarities in functional modality.

Notably, 79% of B2C brands express interest in leveraging wallet messaging for marketing, with 40% displaying a high level of enthusiasm. Surprisingly, over 80% of marketers plan to adopt wallet messaging within the next 12 months, indicating a rapid integration trajectory.

The research reveals a paradigm shift in marketers' perception of value, as 71% believe a wallet address is more valuable than an email address. This sentiment is echoed across various industries, with 80% of retail and ecommerce marketers expressing a preference for wallet addresses.

However, concerns surrounding security and consumer privacy emerge as the primary challenges associated with wallet messaging, reflecting broader trends in consumer loyalty and trust. Notably, only 5% of B2C marketers report having no concerns in this regard.

Despite these concerns, early adopters, including Holder's customers, showcase the efficacy of wallet messaging. A prominent web3 product, collaborating with Holder, witnessed a remarkable 12x increase in conversions during its initial wallet messaging campaign, highlighting the channel's potential for enhanced customer engagement. On average, brands and creators experience a 10-15x increase in lift and conversions when using wallet messaging. 

In essence, wallet messaging is an emerging and highly effective marketing channel, prompting brands to strategically incorporate it into their marketing and communication strategies. Read more about it from the wallet messaging report or download the full copy here

Blockchain Messaging

TaskGrasping this cutting-edge technology of blockchain messaging, it opens the door to an ultra-secure communication mode. When messages are sent on the blockchain, they're encrypted, giving scores of users the peace of mind from possible cyber threats. This growing adoption is transforming the communication landscape, where confidentiality and integrity are paramount. With Holder, all messages on the blockchain are encrypted and sent using the XMTP protocol. Through this process, any form of blockchain messaging through Holder is secure and private. 

This process leverages the blockchain's decentralized network, creating an unhackable, private sphere for messages. As it wraps messages in layers of complex algorithms, cracking them becomes virtually impossible. This secure communication solution is an impressive stride toward a safer digital world that the audience seeks. 

In this high-tech era, as a marketer, it becomes vital to enlighten potential customers about the advent of secure communication alternatives such as blockchain messaging, and its advanced variant, messaging on the blockchain. A user-friendly narrative that provokes thought and interest, and establishes a personal connection is a key to effective web3 marketing.

Wallet Messaging Tools

Wallet messaging tools will increasingly become an integral part of today's burgeoning industry, leveraging blockchain technology for communication. These tools serve as the next generation of contact and conversation management, right in customers’ digital wallets.

Much like traditional messaging applications, wallet messaging tools allow seamless communication. However, what sets them apart, is their ability to intertwine transaction management and communication in the fast-evolving crypto marketplace. They facilitate quick and secure chat opportunities, right from your crypto wallet. Hence providing a unique twist to how we perceive digital communication in a blockchain environment.

Closely knit with these are blockchain chat tools that add depth to the convenience. They provide a secure, transparent system of communication, ensuring privacy, along with promoting trade in the blockchain ecosystem. Trust, immediacy, and unmatched security are at the core of these tools, providing an impetus for their increasing popularity.

Similar strides are also evident in the innovative advancements of web3 customer relationship management (CRM) tools. They offer a unique blend of common CRM functionalities in the decentralized web3 landscape. They exemplify a huge leap from the traditional CRM tools, and offer a much more secure, transparent, and customer-centric environment. Use the Holder web3 CRM to manage your web3 community for free effective. 

Wallet messaging tools provide creators and brands with convenience. These tools revolutionize the way a consumer can digest information, receive notifications, and put less stress on the brand. Some tools that Holder Messaging provides are an in-box built into the platform to send and receive messages in one spot, a mass message sender, filters to sort contacts, list builders, a message scheduler, and much more. Get started with Holder for free. 

Wallet messaging tools are an ingenious contribution to this landscape. They incorporate the efficacy of scheduling tools into crypto wallets, enabling effortless coordination, planning campaigns, and driving effective communication.

In essence, blockchain technology is advancing rapidly, transforming the way we manage and interact within the digital marketplace. With the integration of tools like wallet messaging, blockchain chat, and web3 CRMs, the future of effective communication in the crypto world certainly looks promising.

Web3 Messaging Protocol

A web3 messaging protocol is redefining how we understand and streamline online communication, offering more control to users and paving the way for more decentralized web platforms.

To understand what a web3 messaging protocol is, you first need to understand the basis of it all. A decentralized messaging protocol, as the name suggests, is a communication protocol that correctly follows the modern ethos of online communication. Governed by the principle of decentralization, it leverages an array of network nodes to ensure communication remains transparent, secure, and efficient — Holder uses the XMTP messaging protocol.

Unveiling a substantial step forward, web3 chat apps are an exemplary adoption of this cutting-edge principle of communication. This pathbreaking application equips its users with the advantage of decentralization while ensuring their digital conversations are fluid and secure, eradicating any doubts about data mishandling or privacy breaches. Holder can deliver message to any XMTP-enabled app — XMTP messaging is supported by all XMTP-enabled applications, including Coinbase Wallet, Orb, Hey, Converse, Unstoppable Domains, Snapshot, Holder, and many more.

To further amplify the advantages of decentralized communication, the introduction of XMTP Messaging puts forth a dynamic proposition. Using the XMTP protocol, the exchange of messages is not only made more straightforward and crisp but also more secure and swift. With such innovations in place, digital communication is not just about exchanging messages anymore — it's about experiencing a smarter, better, and more secure web world where privacy is not just a promise but a reality. 


Let's grasp the essence of the question lingering in your mind: "What is XMTP?" In essence, XMTP is a groundbreaking protocol designed for real-time multimedia sessions, underpinning the XMTP chat functions, also known as wallet messages. It facilitates the efficient exchange of multimedia content, making it the cornerstone of the XMTP-enabled chat applications.

Speaking of XMTP chatting apps, they represent a fusion of innovation and function. It is the physical embodiment of the XMTP protocol, providing you with a user-friendly platform to enjoy enhanced multimedia exchange. The app stands at the crossroads of powerful technology and intuitive interface, inviting everyone to experience the power of XMTP.

The mastermind behind XMTP, XMTP Labs, epitomizes innovation, creativity, and relentless pursuit of improvement. They bring together the brightest minds to drive digital communication to uncharted territories, ensuring XMTP remains a driving force in the world of multimedia protocols. Holder partners with XMTP Labs to build a reality of web3 brands efficiently communicating with their community.  

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