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Drive 10-15x conversions by reaching your customers directly in their crypto wallets with your marketing campaigns.
Wallet messaging empowers brands to send secure and transparent messages directly to their web3 customers’ crypto wallets. 
Build loyal customer relationships, drive deep engagement, and personalize customer experiences with wallet messaging via Holder.

Web3 Chat App

Web3 chat apps are changing the way web3 users communicate and build community with other users in the web3 ecosystem. This unconventional application integrates decentralized technology to establish secure and confidential conversations, redefining the way communication is perceived in web3. Emphasizing sovereignty, transparency, and robustness, web3 chat apps enable brands and consumers to communicate within web3 landscapes.

Web3 chat apps were created based on the functionality of wallet messaging. When you think of a digital wallet, transactions are likely the first aspect to spring to mind. However, the modern technological web3 landscape offers much more than that. Wallet messaging goes beyond the simple transactional scope, allowing users to send messages to other blockchain wallet addresses, without ever compromising their privacy or security. Wallet messaging opens up the potential for users and brands to connect, without needing to leave web3 applications, empowering direct web3 communication for the first time. 

Web3 chat apps have simple interfaces that resemble familiar texting and direct messaging formats. Users can download various XMTP-enabled apps to send and receive encrypted wallet messages on mobile devices. To leverage the immense value of wallet messaging, ensure both parties have installed an XMTP-enabled wallet messaging app. If a user has enabled wallet messaging, the rest of the process is simple — users can securely send the message to the recipient's wallet address. The beauty of this system lies in its simplicity and ease of use, not to mention the incredible privacy it offers.

As for brands using wallet messaging to reach their web3 audiences, sending messages is a streamlined process within Holdersign up for free to get started. Holder Messaging allows brands to send messages to wallet addresses at skill, schedule messages to send at a specific time, segment audiences via wallet messaging subscriptions, and much more. 

The concept of web3 chatting is also increasingly gaining traction, providing users the ability to connect with others and do so within a safe, secure, and autonomous environment. This technology empowers users by giving them control of their digital identity, thereby changing the dynamics of virtual interaction. Web3 chat apps are free to download thereby helping to make wallet messaging accessible to all people with a crypto wallet. 

The innovative features of a web3 chat app, including wallet messaging and web3 chatting, are transforming the terrain of digital communication. By championing its users' privacy, security, and control, this technology offers a marvelously refreshing take on online communication. It's high time to embrace these advancements and step into the future of digital interaction.

Web3 Chatting

Web3 chatting has revolutionized communication, catalyzing the confluence of blockchain technology and human interaction. In fact, wallet messaging early adopters (Holder customers)  have experienced an average 10-15x increase in conversions and brand engagement from sending web3 chats to their web3 audiences. Rewiring our digital world, web3 chatting is at the forefront of this renaissance, presenting an immersive, secure, and decentralized mode of communication. 

Brands sending wallet messages via web3 chat send the right message, to the right person, at the right time, in web3. It's a dynamic function that dispenses with traditional contact information, instead enabling peer-to-peer communication extricated from the constraints of centralized platforms. With encryption and versatility at its core, wallet messaging heralds a secure freedom; communication synthesized seamlessly with digital assets.

Holder is a messaging platform that encapsulates all the features marketers desire in a web3 engagement platform — wallet messaging, web3 automation, web3 CRM, and more. Constructed on the edifice of web3 protocols, this messenger guarantees data sovereignty while being efficient and profoundly user-friendly.

What is XMTP?

XMTP, an intriguing acronym, stands at the forefront of technological innovation. This protocol and network has captured the attention of tech enthusiasts and developers globally. XMTP, which stands for eXpandable Messaging and Presence Protocol, provides web3 users with instant messaging and online presence detection. 

The XMTP is a sophisticated protocol and network built for web3 technology. While conventional instant messaging platforms have been instrumental, XMTP aims to take it up a notch. Using XMTP in the web3 provides an enhanced level of control, security, and versatility, a manifestation of the dynamic era of digital communication we find ourselves in today.

A prime example of XMTP's applications are the XMTP chat apps. These apps have been built by web3 developers who partner with XMTP Labs to ensure web3 messages are securely sent to other crypto users’ wallets. 

This innovative tech company is pioneering new paths in the field of digital communication. They are the masterminds behind the XMTP chat app, demonstrating the power and potential of web3 technology. It's a messenger service that isn't just about messages; it's about creating a safe, robust, and interactive ecosystem for users to engage and communicate effectively.

Capping it all is the latent potential in XMTP, which, when harnessed, can revamp the instant messaging scene entirely. With its housing in XMTP Labs, it is shaping up as a game-changer, rewriting the rules of digital communication, and challenging the boundaries of what's possible. As the XMTP protocol and network continue to evolve, so will its applications - a notion that only time will unfold.

Web3 Messaging Protocol

A key aspect of wallet messaging is the web3 messaging protocol it is built with. XMTP is the web3 messaging protocol in Holder’s web3 marketing platform, using blockchain and decentralized systems.

The web3 messaging protocol fosters a path for decentralization. The concept of a decentralized messaging protocol focuses on breaking away from traditional centralized control. It's about creating a communication framework that assures privacy, security, and user control. Each wallet message sent on the XTMP network and protocol is end-to-end encrypted. As transparency becomes a priority, it's clear decentralized messaging protocols are a leap in the right direction.

Web3 messaging applications and software, like Holder, offer enriched features, better control, and improved solutions to the users. They bend the boundaries, gauging a shift from conventional methods to decentralized systems, creating a user-centric blueprint for the future.

Our partners at XMTP Labs have developed a secure web3 chatting network that makes wallet messaging possible — and above all, end-to-end encrypted with their protocol functionalities. 

The XMTP messaging system is designed to reinforce the power of decentralized systems and provide secure messages between crypto wallets. At its core, the XMTP protocol serves as a pillar for a more secure and fairer communication ecosystem. As the world gradually moves towards a decentralized future, tools such as the XMTP protocol play significant roles in materializing the vision — sign up for free with Holder.

Wallet Messaging Tools

Wallet messaging tools help brands looking to utilize wallet messaging as a new marketing channel. Holder is a software that helps brands leverage the power of wallet messaging with the proper tools and solutions. 

Web3 marketing tools enable brands to connect and communicate directly with their crypto audience. Web3 chat tools such as a message scheduler, automation, contact filtering, and more are all found within Holder — get started for free.  

Wallet messaging tools use blockchain technology to seamlessly carry out chat functions. Considering the growing need for privacy and security, web3 chat tools are becoming popular. They provide an avenue for brands and users to discuss transactions, negotiate contracts, or simply exchange messages, all within the parameters of their crypto wallets. Web3 chat tools are, essentially, reinventing digital communication. 

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