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Optimizing Customer Experiences with Web3 Social Data in Holder

Ariana Layton
January 18, 2024

Gaining insights into your web3 community has never been more accessible. 

Unlock the potential of web3 social data to construct comprehensive customer profiles, enabling personalized customer experiences. 

Recently, we announced our partnership with Airstack, providing our users with the ability to access social web3 data from platforms such as Farcaster, Lens, and more. 

In this article, I will help you strategically think about utilizing these insights to gain a competitive edge in the web3 ecosystem.

Why are web3 users attracted to web3 social platforms?

First, we need to acknowledge why users are joining web3 social media platforms. 

For users, the significance of web3 social data lies in its decentralized essence, providing users unparalleled ownership and control over their personal information. As users openly engage with one another on web3 social platforms, the understanding that they own their data, stored on a public ledger, adds a layer of privacy and empowerment. 

Web3 users have been flocking to sign up on web3 social platforms because of the emphasized values of transparency, control, and personalized experiences. Take for example Farcaster — Dan Romero, Farcaster's co-founder, announced on October 11th, 2023, through a tweet that Farcaster had officially launched and was now accepting user registrations. Today, Farcaster has over 54,913 total users. The data makes it clear that web3 users are bullish on web3  social platforms because of the value they provide.

Web3 social media offers substantial benefits to marketers and brands as well, not just users — Drew Beechler, CEO and co-founder of Holder, highlighted more benefits of web3 socials in "The Case for Decentralized Social."

What is social web3 data?

Marketers gain valuable advantages from web3 social media, tapping into the transparent access of on-chain data provided by blockchain technology.

Social web3 data is decentralized information generated within blockchain-based social networks — think Twitter/X data meets blockchain technology, making users’ social activity open and public. 

Each web3 social profile is tied to the user’s unique wallet address, the same way you have to sign up for a traditional username with your cell phone number or email address. 

Web3 social platforms empower web3 marketers with transparent access to this information, which marketers can take advantage of to enhance web3 customer interactions. 

Why is social web3 data important?

Marketers are capitalizing on the use of web3 social data to help understand their customers' presence on social media. 

Because users' wallet addresses are intricately linked to their accounts on platforms like Farcaster and Lens, marketers can gain insight into that user's presence on that platform.

Within Holder, our partnership with Airstacks empowers users to see their contacts’ social information such as followers, following count, activity, and more. Through this, marketers can have a profound understanding of their customers and their web3 presence — all of which saves the marketers time and neatly organizes customer profiles in our web3 CRM.

How do you track web3 social data in Holder?

In just two minutes of creating a free account with Holder, you can start tracking your audiences’ web3 social activity. 

In Holder, each customer has a personalized contact profile card for each platform they are on. Contact cards include details like their platform name, social handle, profile picture, bio, follower/following count, activity data, last active date, and more — you can even leave customized notes within their profile to tack on additional data. 

Conveniently, keeping up with your audience and tracking their presence on web3 socials is as simple as searching for their wallet address within the Holder platform — just like that, web3 social data is readily available at your fingertips.

What are specific use cases for using web3 social data in web3 marketing?

With the ability to track web3 social data, understanding how to leverage this information for effective customer engagement is crucial. 

Use cases range from building dynamic follower lists to determining the percentage of your community on specific platforms. Once armed with a better understanding of your community, there is an endless amount of creative opportunities to better engage your contacts.

For instance, after creating a dynamic list of followers on Farcaster and Lens, try applying a filter to identify which contacts in the list have XMTP-enabled. Select those contacts, segment them into a list, and send them a targeted wallet message directly to their crypto wallet. As demonstrated in this example, you have the power to send exclusive brand offers via wallet messaging, rewarding their loyalty to your brand. 

This represents just one of many potential use cases, highlighting the myriad opportunities to engage customers through personalized experiences.

For additional use case ideas and personalized assistance, let's strategize together — book a demo

Sign up for a free Holder account now to start using filters to better segment your community with web3 social data. Learn more about what you can do with our platform in our December release notes.

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