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Release Notes: December 2023

Drew Beechler
December 15, 2023

This month we announced our partnership with Airstack, a powerful developer platform that enables builders to query and integrate web3 data directly into their apps easily. 

Our Airstack integration brings new value to the Holder community — users are now using web3 social data to understand their customers better and build even more detailed audience segments. 

Check out more details on all our latest releases below.

New Holder Features

Farcaster Integration 

You can now see and use Farcaster data right inside Holder. You can filter your contacts based on a number of Farcaster data points: 

  • Which wallets have a Farcaster account
  • If they are following specific users
  • Following count
  • Follower count 

You can also understand your customers’ Farcaster presence better with our new Farcaster social profile cards. 

The Farcaster profile card includes:

  • Farcaster name
  • Social handle
  • Profile picture
  • Bio
  • Follower/following count

Lens Integration 

We also now bring Lens data into the Holder contacts and filters.

Use our Lens filters to see: 

  • Which contacts have Lens identity
  • If they are following specific users
  • Following count
  • Follower count 
  • And more 

Each contact will also have a detailed Lens social profile card if they have a Lens account tied to that wallet. 

The Lens profile card includes:

  • Lens name
  • Social handle
  • Profile picture
  • Bio
  • Follower/following count
  • Activity data (number of posts, replies, mirrors, quotes, publications, reactions, and interactions)
  • Last active date

POAP Integration

POAP data is also now accessible in Holder. You can search and view the different POAPs your contacts hold in their wallets. 

To search which events your customers have attended, filter by POAP event ID. Enter the event ID number and select either “attended” or “did not attend”. (Find POAP event ID numbers here). 

Try combining multiple filters to better segment your audience down into more specific groups.

Filters Redesign

Because the amount of filters has grown significantly since we first introduced our Audience Builder, we completely reorganized Holder filters. Filters are now 10x faster and much more intuitive, organized by category (Blockchain, Social, Messaging, and Contact Properties). You can also now easily search for any filter.

Holder XMTP Inbox Updates

We introduced a number of updates to our Holder Inbox as well, integrating your Holder contacts database into your XMTP inbox. 

Now you can: 

  • See which conversations in your inbox have a contact tied to them.  
  • Add contacts from your XMTP inbox to Holder with a single click. 
  • Start new conversations by searching for contacts in your Holder CRM.

If you haven’t started using Holder yet — sign up for free here.

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