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Holder Announces Partnership with Airstack

Holder is proud to be launching our official partnership and integration with Airstack today.

Airstack is a powerful developer platform that enables builders to easily query and integrate web3 data directly into their apps. Airstack is a key player in the Farcaster, Lens, and XMTP ecosystems, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally release our partnership and integration of the Airstack APIs and data into Holder. 

Using Airstack, we are bringing Lens, Farcaster, and POAP data directly into Holder. With this integration, you can build even more detailed audience segments and get a unified view of an individual’s on-chain identity and activities.

We are excited about all the possibilities this partnership brings to Holder customers and users. Be on the lookout as we incorporate more and more Airstack functionalities into Holder. We’re only just getting started.

Start filtering through your audience based on web3 social data.

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