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What Is Wallet Messaging and Why Is it Valuable?

Ariana Layton
July 28, 2023

Last week, Holder launched our Wallet Messaging Platform. This allows web3 brands to reach their customers right where they are — in their wallets. 

With the launch of this new method of marketing and communication, we thought we would develop a series of articles sharing best practices, how-tos, and strategies around using wallet messaging for your brand. 

What is wallet messaging? 

Wallet messaging is simply a new communication and messaging channel between crypto wallet addresses. This technology bridges the communication gap between individuals and between brands and their audiences in web3. 

Holder’s marketing suite aids brands in their communication efforts by sending bulk, segmented, and personalized messages directly to a consumer’s wallet. The wallet messaging inbox resembles a text message inbox, and wallet messaging is interoperable, meaning holders have access to their conversations on any app built with XMTP (Coinbase Wallet, Orb, Lenster, Converse, etc.). XMTP is an open protocol, network, and standard for secure, private web3 messaging.

What value does wallet messaging bring customers?

Wallet messaging enables brands to personally communicate with holders like never before. 

Historically, web3 brands have been limited to continuously relying on web2 communication channels (email, SMS) to engage audiences.

When brands pair wallet messaging with their existing omnichannel communications, they are delivering hyper-personalized, human-centered campaigns directly to their audience. The right messages land in the right inboxes at the right time, resulting in a greater impact on the consumer’s brand experience. 

Is wallet messaging secure? 

Users can rest assured that all XMTP wallet messages are fully secure and encrypted end-to-end.

End-to-end encryption is a fancy phrase that really means each message is completely private and inaccessible to other parties other than you.

End-to-End Encryption

From the instant a message is sent, it becomes encrypted. Encryption is easily explained as coding the message into a randomly generated string of letters and numbers that cannot be decrypted. 

Even if a wallet message got intercepted, it would not be able to be read. Encryption adds a layer of extra security of privacy to each wallet message. 

Is wallet messaging a new marketing channel? 

The wallet address is becoming an entirely new marketing and engagement channel. And now, you can message that wallet directly.

Holder’s CEO and co-founder, Drew Beechler, believes that wallet messaging is revolutionary — “Wallets are the new email”. 

Think about it this way — if email campaigns average a return of $36 for every $1 spent, imagine the ROI for web3 brands utilizing wallet messaging. 

Start delivering the right messages at the right time to your brand community. Learn how wallet messaging can be used to grow your brand community and personalize customer experiences.

Reach your customers where they are.  

Look out for the next post in the Wallet Messaging series! We will be discussing wallet messaging best practices.

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