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Introducing Holder Wallet Messaging: Reach Your Customers Where They Are

Drew Beechler
July 17, 2023

After months of planning and building, I’m so excited to share our latest product launch today, Holder Wallet Messaging. With deep integration alongside our friends at XMTP and building with their groundbreaking web3 messaging network — now live in Coinbase Wallet — we have built the first customer engagement platform for web3. This technology bridges the communication gap between brands and holders in web3. Brands can finally personalize and automate their holders’ experiences with messaging directly to the wallet address.

The wallet address is becoming an entirely new marketing and engagement channel. 

Wallet addresses are the new email addresses.

What is wallet messaging? 

XMTP has built an open protocol, network, and standard for secure, private web3 messaging. This gives end users an interoperable inbox that follows them across the web3 landscape, providing access to their messages on any app built with XMTP. Some of the current inboxes built with XMTP include Coinbase Wallet, Orb, Lenster, Converse, and more launching all the time.

Wallet messaging lets individuals send messages directly to another wallet address. These messages are fully interoperable and end-to-end encrypted. Give it a try by sending me a message on Coinbase Wallet, Orb, Lenster, or Converse at drewbeechler.eth!

The addition of Coinbase Wallet to the XMTP network was just announced last week, which is a monumental advancement for web3. This enables all Coinbase Wallet users to have an inbox directly in their wallet without needing to download another app. With Holder Messaging, brands can now reach users directly in their wallet apps.

Why build a wallet messaging marketing platform? 

Web3 has transformed how consumers interact with applications and the internet as a whole. Individuals no longer log in with an email or password, but they use this permissionless technology to transact, interact, and operate entirely through their wallet address. This has presented one of the most fundamental challenges for the future of web3, though — customers have brand new web3 identities and brands have no way of communicating to them. Until now.

Brands today are limited by needing to collect PII (email, phone number, etc.) in order to communicate to their customers and audiences. This handcuffs their ability to build any sort of loyal relationship and connection to that customer. Most dapps, defi platforms, NFT projects, communities, and traditional consumer brands with major web3 initiatives (think Porsche, Starbucks, Nike, PepsiCo, Budweiser, etc.) have large userbases and audiences of wallet addresses with no way of engaging them. We want to give companies the ability to engage these lost audiences they’ve never been able to reach before, while giving the end users the ability to protect their privacy, anonymity, and communication preferences. 

How and why should you leverage wallet messaging in your marketing?

Wallet messaging has created a brand new communication modality. Now, I know you don’t need a new marketing communication channel, but wallet messaging is an entirely new way to connect with customers, altogether.

You are engaging the customer right in their wallet, connecting communication, identity, payments, ownership, and engagement all in one place. This is the future of digital identity and internet engagement. Brands who leverage this technology early are building for the future — meeting consumers where they are, while also staying ahead of the competition.

According Coinbase’s recent report, The State of Crypto: Corporate Adoption, more than half of the Fortune 100 are innovating and investing in blockchain initiatives. Cookies are dying. Reaching consumers is harder than ever before. Consumers have more choices than ever before. And if you’re not embracing web3 technology as a marketer, your ways of connecting to your audiences and staying connected to those audiences in the future are dwindling.

Why is Holder moving in this direction?

XMTP’s mission is to build an open, crypto-native communication protocol that connects communities, applications, and users. This mission was particularly captivating to our team, given our background and history in building some of the largest marketing and messaging platforms in the world at ExactTarget / Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

We believe that wallet addresses are the new email addresses, and we want to help build a future where that becomes a reality. A future where communications, marketing, and customer engagement is transparent, interoperable, and owned by the end-users. We believe this puts the power back in the hands of the end consumers. It brings more personalized and owned experiences. 

With Holder’s Wallet Messaging Platform and XMTP’s network, you can start communicating directly with your web3 audiences and customers today.

If you want to see Holder Wallet Messaging in action, subscribe to our new wallet newsletter here. Or request a demo to see all the touchpoints you’re missing with your customers and how you can use wallet messaging.

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