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Holder Announces Integration with XMTP and Launches First Wallet Messaging Platform for Brands

INDIANAPOLIS — July 17th, 2023 — Holder, the first customer engagement platform for web3 brands, announced today the launch of Holder Wallet Messaging. Over 230M wallet addresses currently exist on Ethereum. All of their transaction history and activity is public on the ledger, but wallet addresses have historically been unreachable. Brands can now engage with web3 customers and send messages right to their crypto wallet address. 

The Holder platform is a web3 marketing suite designed to give companies the ability to build personalized marketing campaigns, engage with audiences, measure ROI and automate those campaigns.

Companies have traditionally been unable to communicate with wallet addresses. Holder Wallet Messaging bridges the communication gap between brands and wallets in web3. Brands can personalize and automate their customers’ experiences with messaging directly to the wallet address. Consumers will receive these messages in a number of interoperable inboxes, including the Coinbase Wallet, Orb, Lenster, Converse and a growing number of other providers.

“One of the most essential challenges for the future of web3 is that brands have access to an entirely new category of customer data but have no way to communicate to those customers. This handcuffs their ability to build any sort of loyal relationship and connection to that customer,” said Holder CEO and Co-Founder Drew Beechler. “For the first time, we are giving companies the ability to engage these lost audiences, while giving the end users the ability to protect their privacy. We believe this is just the first step in a fundamental change in how businesses engage with their customers. The wallet address is the new email address.”

Holder Wallet Messaging is built with XMTP, the web3 messaging network. XMTP’s open protocol, network and standard for secure, private web3 messaging means that all wallet messages sent in Holder are end-to-end encrypted and fully interoperable. Holder and XMTP’s integration comes on the heels of Coinbase’s launch of decentralized web3 messaging on Coinbase Wallet, powered by the XMTP protocol.

“Holder brings one of the most critical pieces to the entire XMTP ecosystem — the ability to help brands engage with consumers in a more personalized and targeted way. Platforms like Holder are what we need to make wallet messaging a better experience for both consumers and the interoperable inboxes building with XMTP,” said XMTP CEO and Co-Founder Shane Mac.

According to Messari’s report, XMTP: Unifying Web3 Communication, since XMTP’s launch in early 2022, nearly 1 million XMTP inboxes had been created as of June 2023. Other applications with support for XMTP messages can be found here.

You can learn more about Holder Wallet Messaging and this brand new form of communication on the Holder Blog.

About Holder

Holder is a customer engagement platform for web3 brands and creators. They help businesses engage and communicate with their customers on the blockchain. With Holder, companies can manage customer data, track user engagement, automate marketing processes and drive growth. For more information visit holder.xyz or follow on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

About XMTP

XMTP (Extensible Message Transport Protocol) is the secure messaging network for web3. It is specifically designed to facilitate secure and private messaging as well as notifications between blockchain accounts.

With the XMTP SDK, developers can directly plug into the XMTP network to reach and reengage end-users across any app built with the protocol (Coinbase Wallet, Lens apps, Converse, etc.). By building with XMTP, apps are giving the end-user full ownership over their inbox, which is tied to web3 identities and portable across apps.

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