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Wallet Messaging Helps Web3 Brands Drive Higher Conversion Rates: State of Wallet Messaging Series, Part V

Ariana Layton
January 11, 2024

Welcome back to the fifth article of the State of Wallet Messaging Series. 

To recap what we’ve learned from the series so far, B2C marketers are familiar with wallet messaging (Part I), interested in implementing wallet messaging (Part II), believe a wallet address is more valuable than an email address (Part III), and the main concerns around the new technology is data security and consumer privacy (Part IV). 

Whew, that was a lot! 

Now, let’s take a closer look into the last section of the ‘State of Wallet Messaging’ report.

Does wallet messaging make a significant impact on web3 marketing efforts? 

The short answer is yes. 

Through our research and first-hand experience with Holder customers, we’ve seen sizable success associated with brands reaching customers through wallet messaging. 

To put our money where our mouth is, we have been seeing an average lift of 10-15x in conversion from wallet messaging. 

Which brands have seen a positive return from investing in wallet messaging? 

We're seeing brands on the blockchain leaning heavily into the use of wallet messaging for marketing and customer outreach. 

In our State of Wallet Messaging report, we highlighted two specific case studies. 

The first was with Zerion, a leading web3 crypto wallet provider. They utilize Holder to deliver product update communications and engage their existing user base. They recently used Holder for the launch of their new browser extension. They saw a 12x increase in conversions after their initial wallet messaging campaign went live.

Floor, a leading NFT portfolio tracker, also used Holder Messaging to engage with users who own their NFTs but have not yet started using Floor. By sending XMTP messaging campaigns through Holder, they saw major success. Zack Brenner, the Partnerships Lead at Floor, shared his excitement, “We saw a 5%+ full-funnel conversion rate using Holder wallet messaging, which is unheard of — in any industry.”

As wallet messaging continues to gain traction as an emerging channel, Holder customers have reported remarkable increases in customer engagement and conversions from leveraging native web3 channels.

What does the future of web3 marketing look like for web3 brands? 

As proven above and throughout the whole State of Wallet Messaging Series, wallet messaging is a highly effective marketing channel. 

I’d even make the bold claim that all web3 creators, developers, and brands should be experimenting with how they can build wallet messaging into their marketing stack. 

Whether it is communicating 1v1 with customers, creating an ongoing wallet messaging newsletter, or sending targeted wallet messaging campaigns, the use of this emerging channel has more benefits than not. Wallet messaging is fanning the flame of better web3 experiences, personalization, and deeper relationships with customers.  

The future of web3 marketing will include the use of wallet-to-wallet messaging within the decentralized ecosystem. 

Currently, Holder stands as the leading provider in this space, offering assistance to brands in navigating this innovative technology and adopting wallet messaging. Whether you prefer a self-start approach or seek strategic guidance and custom implementation from our team, we are here to help you — get started for free

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