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Wallet Messaging Gains Traction Among Marketers: State of Wallet Messaging Series, Part II

Ariana Layton
December 14, 2023

The emergence of blockchain technology has paved the way for innovative channels to connect brands with their audiences. 

Most recently, one avenue has caught the attention of marketers across every industry — wallet messaging, a revolutionary approach that allows users to receive messages directly in their crypto wallets. 

Because of the momentum we’ve seen with this emerging marketing channel, Holder set out to discover how B2C marketers truly feel about this new channel. 

Our findings are compiled into a comprehensive study, ‘State of Wallet Messaging’, where it was clear that a majority of marketers are interested in using this new technology. 

How interested are B2C marketers in web3 wallet messaging? 

Wallet messaging has elevated the way brands can connect with their web3 audiences. With these innovative and interactive capabilities, marketers are interested in sending direct messages to their customers in web3 landscapes.

In our report, we found that over 79% of B2C marketers are interested in wallet messaging as a new marketing channel. Notably, 40% of the survey expressed that they’re very interested in using wallet messaging to connect with their audience. 

When broken down by industry, we discovered four sectors that are exceedingly interested in wallet messaging.

Over 94% of brands in the blockchain industry said they are interested. We concluded that this level of interest can be attributed to the fact that web3 marketers want to use a native channel to reach their audiences. 

The second highest interest in this marketing channel is the food and beverage industries. We discovered that 84% of marketers are interested in sending direct messages to their customers’ crypto wallets. 

Not far behind, media and entertainment and the retail and ecommerce sectors were tied for third place. Notably, 82% of both sectors expressed interest in wallet messaging. Over half of retail and ecommerce marketers are very interested, whereas only 44% of media and entertainment marketers noted that they’re very interested. 

Do marketers have plans to implement wallet messaging into their marketing stack? 

With so many marketers interested in the power of wallet messaging, it begs the question of how many marketers are going to actually use this technology. 

Fortunately, we have just the information you are looking for! In our survey, we asked marketers what their plans and timelines were for adopting this new channel and technology into their marketing. 

Let’s just say, the results made us excited! 

Over 80% of B2C marketers have plans to adopt wallet messaging within the next 12 months and 64% of brands are planning to implement it within the next six months. Overall, only 12% said they have no plans or are unsure.

Each industry demonstrated a different adoption timeline, but we found a strong correlation between industries interested in wallet messaging and the rate at which they plan to implement it into their marketing strategy. 

In the upcoming six months, a substantial 81% of players in the food and beverage industry are set to integrate wallet messaging into their marketing. A mere 3% show no inclination towards incorporating this innovative approach into their strategies over the next two years.

Additionally, 70% of retail and ecommerce brands are looking to embrace wallet messaging in the next six months. Impressively, 94% of this industry will have wallet messaging integrated into their marketing strategy by 2025.

In the realm of media and entertainment, a notable 89% express confidence that they’ll be communicating with customers through wallet messaging in the next two years. 

Download our full ‘State of Wallet Messaging’ report to see more data about wallet messaging.  

Why are marketers interested in using wallet messaging as a marketing channel? 

Web3 technology empowers marketers to deeply understand their customers. With the use of wallet messaging, marketers can gather user insights and apply them to create 1-to-1 personalized experiences. 

Web3 data is publicly presented on the blockchain — meaning, invaluable information is openly available for marketers to use. Consumer data is tied to a unique wallet address — user data includes any customers’ blockchain-based assets, coins, NFTs, transaction history, DAO voting, and more. This data is immutable and publicly listed on the blockchain general ledger. 

Free access to this kind of consumer behavior data opens the door for marketers to gain deeper insights and conclusions about their target audience.

If you are interested in marketing to a web3 audience, you can get started for free with Holder today. Be empowered to create personalized experiences for your web3 community.  

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