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The Power of Dialogue — Unlocking the Potential of Two-Way Conversations in Web3 Marketing

Ariana Layton
November 22, 2023

Loyal customers are the result of two-way communication, not one-way marketing. 

The key to customer loyalty is creating personal and engaging experiences in a two-way format. 

By using meaningful dialogue in marketing, your customers will become more than just your audience — they’ll respond and interact with your content in ways like never before.

What is two-way communication in marketing? 

In marketing, two-way communication is an interactive conversation between two parties — a brand and its customers. 

We all can attest to being the victims of one-sided marketing communications. Undoubtedly, you’ve received an SMS message or email from a brand that likely bombarded you with generic promotions and basic information, neglecting to personalize their message for you in any way. 

Two-way communication is the opposite of this. Brands effectively connect with their customers, drive engagement, and build strong rapport. 

It’s safe to say marketing communication has shifted from monologue to dialogue.

How to Build Customer Connections in Web3 

First and foremost, your customers are humans. They desire to connect with your brand just as much as they want a special deal — well okay, maybe they desire a good deal just a little bit more. 

We think the best way to establish a strong human-like connection with a fully digital web3 user is through the use of wallet messaging

Wallet messaging enables web3 brands to reach native web3 users with personal communication. One-to-one messaging can be automated, sent in real-time, and above all, a two-way conversation!

By using wallet messaging, you can also build trust and loyalty in your community, authentically presenting your brand to your community in transparent and open ways. 

How to Understand Your Customers’ Needs in Web3

When your customers trust you, they’ll be more willing to give you real feedback. Transparent communication sparks this trust, helping your customer become more comfortable with being honest in expressing their desires, needs, and interests with your brand. 

Once you know what your customers want, you can create the best web3 experiences for them — creating an ongoing cycle of trust, loyalty, and satisfaction. 

Two-way conversations like this allow your customers to give you feedback in real-time. The faster you can solve problems for your customers, the happier you will make them. Leveraging their feedback, you’ll improve your overall brand. 

By communicating frequently back and forth, you can adapt your products to their preferences and enhance their customer experiences.  

How to Leverage the Power of Two-Way Conversations in Web3 

Luckily, there are several ways to engage with your community through Holder — automated messaging workflows, a shared wallet messaging inbox, and more. 

And because we believe so much in the power of two-way brand conversations, we decided to launch the Holder Inbox embedded into our web3 CRM and marketing platform. Marketers can now receive, read, and respond to wallet messages without ever needing to leave Holder.

Check out other Holder wallet messaging tools you can use to build meaningful connections with your community: 

What is the future of web3 marketing? 

The evolving landscape of customer-based communication must adapt to new technologies to keep up with consumer needs. Wallet messaging will remain a prominent tool that helps connect crypto users with web3 brands in real time. 

The future of marketing conversations will live in web3. Get started for free now — stay ahead of the future and take control of your customer experiences. 

If you are interested in learning more about wallet messaging, the Holder marketing suite, or anything related to innovative marketing, get in contact with the Holder team

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