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The Benefits of Branding and Building a Community on Discord

Ariana Layton
June 22, 2023

As technology develops, so should your marketing strategy. 

If your target market falls within the internet generations, like Gen Z and Millennials, you should be engaging with your community on Discord

Discord is a community platform and pseudo-social network making major waves in the social arena. If you aren’t familiar with Discord, it was originally built for gamers in 2012 but is actively becoming a new marketing hub for consumers of all kinds.

Discord has become quite the marketing tool because customer loyalty and trust naturally build on Discord as brands engage with their communities.

Not only that, but the average Discord user also spends more time on Discord than on some of the most popular social media platforms like Twitter and Snapchat (WSJ). With 390 million registered accounts and 150 million active monthly users, it’s no surprise that the rapid growth of Discord is revolutionizing marketing.

Discord 101

The Discord platform is significant because brands can conveniently chat with their audiences through text or voice messaging. It’s an incredible tool for aggregating an audience and enabling peer-to-peer collaboration and community-building.

Channels give members the ability to connect and share photos, videos, and files with each other. The platform facilitates a space that creates a tight community between the brand and its followers, while also giving the brand a direct communication line to its customers. 

The communication feature is built out in channels, similar to Slack, called Servers. Companies have the capability to create a Server, invite customers to be members, and then manage the members.

Once the Server is created, brands have complete autonomy to be creative in their marketing strategies — for example, drop exclusive offers, promote new products, and host virtual live events. 

The more active the brand is within its Server, the more its members will engage with the brand.

Marketing Tip: 

Only post genuine content! Be more concerned with publishing quality content rather than the quantity of content. Although the amount of content isn’t as important as the quality, it's crucial to be consistent with posting. Basic and bland marketing tactics will not have a positive impact on your brand. Simply provide valuable content to your audience and include creditable data when it is necessary. 

Quite honestly, using  Discord is like a breath of fresh air. Brands get to create and share whatever they want without having to compete with an algorithm.

Third-Party Tools

If the special features embedded in the platform aren’t convincing enough, there are a number of third-party tools specifically helpful for brands and creators to build a community on Discord. 

Thousands of bots have been built on Discord to help with moderation, engagement, and automation.

Community Management

Holder’s community management tools and Discord bot are also great places to start when trying to manage your community and Discord marketing. 

With Holder, you can manage your Discord members and contacts in a CRM table. You have a single view of all your customer and community member data by combining Discord data with other profile attributes like a web3 wallet, email, phone, Twitter, etc. You also have aggregated messaging analytics to see your most engaged Discord members, the top channels they engage in, and the recency of engagement.

Automated Messaging

Holder’s Automation Builder also gives you powerful tools to automate and trigger onboarding messages, win-back campaigns, exclusive deals and promotions, and more to specific members at specific times.

Discord is surely not the be-all and end-all marketing solution, but it has never been easier (or more important) to create a community online. 

The strongest brands in the future will be built community-first.

Your community will grow if your company’s marketing tactics are successful (maybe from using Discord). Properly managing all the different aspects of a growing community can certainly be challenging. If you find yourself struggling to manage your community relationships or struggling to build a Discord community, reach out to Holder. We have a platform specifically designed to streamline customer management and look forward to helping your community grow.  

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