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Spoiler Alert: A Virtual “Community” Can’t Be the Only Way You Interact With Your NFT Holders

Drew Beechler
March 9, 2023

Hot take:

Your goal should be to get your holders OUT of your community.

Here’s why:

Your virtual “community” can’t be the only way you interact with your NFT holders.

Why a community won’t cut it for your NFT holders

Want someone to feel a part of your group? Part of something bigger than themselves?

A community is perfect. And you can achieve that group mentality with a network on any third-party platform like Discord, Telegram, or Twitter or by building your own first-party community platform (tools like Circle or Mighty Networks make this easy).

But what’s the true goal of your NFT project or campaign? To create a special experience for your most loyal customers and fans. To build a durable brand that can offer unique products and experiences.

When you want to personalize your NFT campaign experience and fulfill your mission of delivering value to engaged members, a virtual community fails.

We believe most NFT brands should be bringing their holders into a more personalizable, ownable platform – like email. Why?

  • You can customize the experience for your brand
  • You don’t compete with other brands for their attention
  • You can send personalized, one-to-one messaging without spamming

When you operate exclusively in Discord, you don’t own the community experience nor your member list.

The platform does.

We’ve helped several big-name NFT projects like Cameo Pass, VaynerSports, and Woodies onboard to a web3 CRM and ditch their dependence on a community.

Here’s what they did (and what you can do) to engage their most loyal members and create an unforgettable experience:

How do I make the holder experience more valuable & fun?

What drives the value of your NFT and holder experience? Rarity and exclusivity, right? Everyone loves feeling special.

So the question is – How can you make your community feel more exclusive?

Increase the value of being a member!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Discounts – Give discounts to early adopters and big spenders for additional products to guarantee they come back for more.
  • Events – Host virtual and in-person events to extend your relationship with your community past a simple text-based community, which can only feel so personal.
  • Exclusive content – Get creative. Make audio, video, and written content to further engage your NFT members in the success of the project. Because the more successful the campaign is, the more valuable the member experience is.

Remember – You want to create a strong connection with your NFT holders. With more personalization, value, and engagement, you’ll get a more loyal following.

One-to-one communications

One-to-one communications are critical in making your NFT holders feel special. If you can treat each individual like a part of the exclusive group they are, they’ll respond with loyalty.

How do you communicate one-to-one with your entire list of members?

Through owned channels like email and SMS.

Now, we’re not proposing you send personal “gm” emails to each one of your NFT holders every day. That’s a bit excessive and doesn’t add any value.

But with a CRM platform and the power of segmentation, you can send relevant messages to the right members at the right time.

  • No spam or scam.
  • No mass communications.
  • No algorithm or rules to navigate.

One-to-one email > megaphone to your un-engaged community. All day.

Curious about CRMs for your NFT project? Holder is the best option in the web3 world. Learn more here.

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