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The Age of Consent Is Here: 3 Reasons Web3 Marketers Have to Get Privacy Right

Privacy is not optional.

As we enter an age of the internet governed by new rules, brands must take a privacy-first approach. Here are three reasons why:

1. Web3 privacy sets the precedent for future generations

Web1 and web2 didn’t account for the speed at which technology would take over our world. (Except Marc Andreesen, who was right about Earth being eaten by software.)

Technologists and tech companies have done a lot of things right. But they’ve also done many things wrong. Privacy is one of them.

Now with web3, we as a society have the opportunity to set standards for the next generation of internet users. The decisions we make now will set the precedent for the decades of technological progress to follow.

Privacy-first, decentralized organizations will leverage the blockchain to lead the charge.

New technology will come along and inevitably disrupt what many web3 companies are working on. But consumer privacy must be at the very foundation of everything we do.

The most private, data-secure companies will emerge and win.

2. Consumers want more privacy protections

As we saw with the MetaMask situation in late 2022, consumers — and crypto users specifically — are increasingly aware of the importance of their personal data. 

90% of Pew Research Center survey respondents said it’s important to control who has access to their data, proving they know how companies and governments can use (or misuse) their information. That’s why many consumers today demand their data be managed securely.

Consumers want to know how brands collect, use, and store their personal data.

3. Brands and projects need to be held accountable

By now, I hope I’ve made the case that users want control over their personal data. 

But it’s also every brand’s responsibility they don’t expose or manipulate that data. Why?

  • Brands and projects prioritizing privacy will avoid bad PR about misusing data (s/o MetaMask).
  • Progressive organizations can be an employer of choice for top web3 talent concerned with privacy.
  • If privacy-first brands create secure customer experiences, they will attract and retain conscious customers.

Web3 companies should be held accountable for their privacy practices. The buck stops with them.

This means implementing strong privacy policies and being transparent about collecting, using, and storing personal data.

It also means being open, transparent, and active when privacy concerns are raised. By holding ourselves, our industry’s companies, and each other accountable, we can create a web3 ecosystem that values and protects the privacy of its users.

For us. For our customers. And for future generations.

Holder Forms is playing a leading role in the age of consent. By allowing your customers and project members to give you the information they want to share, you create a stronger relationship built on trust.

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