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Introducing Holder Forms

Skyler Braun
December 5, 2022

We're excited to announce the official launch of Holder Forms, one of the first web3 form builders. We have been working with a handful of brands and projects utilizing our web3-enabled forms over the past couple of months, and this new product is now live in every customer's account.

You can now easily create and customize all your web3 forms inside Holder. We are already seeing a number of brands, communities, and projects using Holder Forms for many different use cases. Check out a few examples we’ve highlighted below.

Improving onboarding experiences

How do you onboard new members into your project or community? Oftentimes, you need to authenticate a holder’s wallet and connect any additional accounts for exclusive access to token-gated materials. You can easily use Holder Forms to collect wallet, Discord, Twitter, email, phone number, etc. as a new member joins your community. Use this information to provide a more tailored, personalized onboarding experience. 

Capturing new leads

Streamline the process of acquiring potential customers and holders through a simple lead form. Prospective customers and leads can sign up to get limited access to your community, get early access to future drops, or just raise their hand that they love your brand and want to come along for the ride. You can then leverage Holder’s audience builder to better understand and score a lead so you can send tailored marketing to those individuals.

Collecting contact information from customers

Similarly to capturing a new lead, you can collect and store off-chain contact information from your existing holders in a secure database and platform you own. This can reduce dependency on Discord, Twitter, or other channels as a sole means of communication and community building.

Building token-gated email programs

Verify that a recipient has the required NFTs to access exclusive content, such as an email program. 

Signing up for giveaways and merch drops

Build a custom form for different giveaways and merch drops to track entrants and better understand their on-chain relationship to your brand. This can help to ensure that the process is fair and transparent, but also gives you  power of Holder’s messaging tools to make it easier to communicate with winners and distribute prizes.

Event registrations

Easily create a token-gated event registration page, allowing for easy tracking of attendees and their contact information. 

We used our own product recently to power registrations for our recent Indy3 community event. By capturing these registrations inside Holder, it helps us better integrate our in-person meetups with our Discord community and future token-gated experiences. Check out our example registration form below.

Even if you don’t have a live NFT project or token, Holder Forms can be a great way to start building your audience and future holders in a web3-native way.

And once that data is inside Holder, you're able to see the full on-chain history and information about that wallet in Holder Audience Builder, which is Built with Moralis.

This is just the start for Holder Forms, and we deeply believe these forms have the power to transform communities and web3 marketing as a whole. We're excited to see what you all will create.

Want to try it out?

Start using Holder Forms for free! Manage your NFT project, DAO, or web3 community with Holder.

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