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Release Notes: January 2024

Keith Hedges
January 31, 2024

This month our dev team focused on enhancing the ability to automate the web3 customer journey. Yesterday, we officially launched XMTP Automation. With XMTP Automation in Holder, users can build automated chatbots, wallet-personalized marketing campaigns, and much more. 

Find a full report of our January updates and more details below. 

Automation Builder Upgrades

XMTP Keyword Trigger

Users now can use XMTP keywords to trigger any workflow automation in Holder. From building chatbot experiences to capturing wallet subscribers and leads, this opens up a number of new use cases for real-time web3 engagement.

XMTP Chatbots

We also added a new “XMTP Quick Response” action in the Automation Builder. A quick response can be initiated from any trigger, including an NFT transfer, form fill, or XMTP keyword. This makes it easy to send simple, individual wallet messages to users immediately after they complete an on or off-chain action.

Multiple Actions

You can now trigger multiple actions in a single automation, like adding a tag AND sending an email when someone texts in a specific keyword to your wallet.

Holder Messaging Enhancements

Email Preview

Now, you can send yourself a preview email to view the content in your own inbox before you send it to your list. 

Publish Timestamps

A new ‘Published At’ column has been added to all email and wallet messaging tables for you to know exactly when messages were sent and sort by publish date. We also added the specific timestamp to every date field in Holder (message create date, message and form publish date, automation runs, automation updated date, and form submissions). 

New Filtering Feature

POAP Queries

POAP autocomplete search enables you to query for POAPs by name. Use this filter feature to find out which of your contacts own specific POAPs and better segment your contacts.

Backend Updates

Streamlined Processes

We also released an updated deployment process that speeds up our CI/CD pipeline and minimizes any potential downtime.

As you can tell, January was a busy month. 

If you would like to learn more about our XMTP Automation features, we would love to talk to you — book a demo to walk through various use cases leveraging our newest updates.

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