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Introducing the Power of XMTP Automation: Wallet-Based Chatbots, Automated Responses, and More

Ariana Layton
January 30, 2024

The web3 ecosystem continues to advance, unlocking new possibilities for exceptional user experiences. 

At its core, exceptional web3 experiences seamlessly blend personalization, transparency, and ownership — three principles that form the foundation of wallet-based messaging. 

Today marks an exciting milestone as we unveil a groundbreaking innovation that amplifies the power of wallet messaging. Creators, brands, and developers can now harness the capabilities of XMTP Automation within Holder

What is XMTP Automation? 

XTMP Automation is the intersection of wallet-based messaging and marketing automation.

Holder seamlessly integrates with XMTP, a secure messaging network and protocol, enabling users to send web3-native communications directly to their customers' crypto wallets.

By bringing the power of XMTP Automation into Holder's best-in-class CRM and marketing automation suite, XMTP messaging is now more accessible inside the Holder Automation Builder. 

With this new integration, users can now build cross-channel journeys (for example, setting up an XMTP keyword to trigger adding that contact to a list and sending them an email) and reach customers when it matters.

How does XMTP Automation work within Holder? 

Holder’s system intricately scans each incoming message for keywords and triggers automated responses.

The Holder Automation Builder eliminates manual messaging with powerful chatbot functionalities — once it’s set up, the automation will constantly be running in the background.

What can you power with XMTP automation power? 

Users can leverage web3 automation to set up a personalized XMTP chatbot experience. 

The chatbot is capable of automatically responding to keywords, web3 activity (like an NFT transfer, transaction, etc.), and more. Holder users can designate specific responses to be delivered from various wallet addresses, establish multiple triggers within a singular automation flow, and more.

Crafting personalized, cohesive web3 customer journeys has never been easier. 

Stay tuned for an upcoming article featuring many other XMTP automation use cases you can start leveraging. 

In the meantime, witness the remarkable power of XMTP automation firsthand — sign up for a free Holder account.

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