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Holder Brings Marketing Automation to Web3 with Launch of Automation Builder

No-code web3 automation builder gives marketers the ability to personalize and automate web3 customer journeys.

INDIANAPOLIS — May 17th, 2023 — Holder, a CRM and marketing automation platform for web3 brands and creators, announced today the launch of its new product Holder Automation Builder. This product is the first platform to integrate web2 and web3 data and marketing channels in a cohesive marketing automation suite.

Holder’s automation suite is intended to help businesses drive deeper engagement and loyalty with personalized, omnichannel customer journeys. These customer journeys can be triggered by real-time events happening on the blockchain in order to send personalized, automated campaigns and messaging directly to a customer. 

“In the past, you needed a developer to access and use blockchain data, but we are putting that power directly in the hands of the marketer. Brands building in web3 have been living with antiquated tools and have had no way to communicate directly to their customers — until now,” said Drew Beechler, co-founder and CEO of Holder. “Holder combines the sophistication and data-driven capabilities in digital marketing with the ethos and culture of web3 into a single unified marketing suite. Automation Builder is the glue across our existing products that saves marketers countless hours and drives incremental revenue.”

With Automation Builder, brands can craft meaningful, personalized customer experiences. Some of the campaigns Holder customers are already running include community onboarding, welcome campaigns, win-back campaigns, community engagement, repeat purchases, and post-event experiences.

Holder serves both traditional consumer brands launching web3 initiatives and web3-native protocols, platforms, and creators. Its platform also includes a form builder, email marketing, SMS marketing, community management and CRM capabilities.

This announcement comes on the heels of the launch of Holder Messaging and the Holder podcast. Holder Automation Builder is now available to all Holder customers. To learn more about Holder Automation Builder, visit holder.xyz/automation.

About Holder

Holder is a CRM and marketing automation platform for web3 brands and creators. They help businesses engage and communicate with their customers on the blockchain. With Holder, companies can manage customer data, track user engagement and automate marketing processes. For more information visit holder.xyz.

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