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Introducing Holder Messaging

Drew Beechler
January 31, 2023

One of the biggest challenges plaguing all web3 brands and campaigns today is the sheer inability to communicate to their customers. And if you can't communicate to your customers, how can you expect to build a loyal relationship with that customer? Or build a sustainable brand and business?

Today, web3 brands are communicating via one-to-many community channels like @channel announcements in Discord and Twitter posts. These platforms are incredible ways to build a community, but are increasingly difficult (if not impossible) to actually get information in front of the audience you've built up over time. They also are very one-dimensional and don't allow for personalized, contextualized messaging and campaigns. We need to bring some sophistication to our web3 marketing and customer engagement. We need to be building owned audiences where we can engage with our customers and audiences in personalized ways.

That's why we're so excited to announce today the launch of Holder Messaging, the latest addition to the Holder web3 marketing suite. We are helping web3 brands craft a customer journey and launch their campaign all in the Holder platform. We are launching with two messaging channels live in Holder today: email messaging and SMS messaging. We will be adding additional messaging channels in the near future, including Wallet Messaging through integrations with some of our partners and friends at XMTP and Mailchain (if you want to be part of our early beta for wallet messaging, DM me on Twitter or send an email to gm@holder.xyz).

Holder Messaging will empower creators, marketers, and community managers with the necessary tools to build durable communities and bridge the current gaps in holder communication and engagement. We couldn't be more excited about this next stage in our journey and to be launching the first customer engagement platform for web3.

Here are some ways early Holder customers are already using Holder Messaging:

  • Sending real-time updates and alerts to holders and community members about time-sensitive drops, promotions, or upcoming events
  • Boosting awareness for open proposals in DAOs in order to meet a quorum
  • Building more personalized relationships with community members through a 1:1 channel like SMS
  • Driving traffic to a website, social media channel, or other platforms to drive cross-promotion and deeper engagement within a brand or family of brands

If you're interested in learning more about Holder or trying out Holder Messaging in your community, get in touch here.

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