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Automation Cheat Codes: 3 Campaigns to Instantly Improve Your Holder Experience

Round and round you go on the hamster wheel. Constantly trying to please and engage your NFT holders…

Unless you use automations to save time and money ¯\(ツ)/¯. The choice is yours.

Get off that wheel. It's time to take a break and let technology do the heavy lifting for you.

At Holder, we're all about making NFT marketers’ lives easier, which is why we created an automation builder for your web3 CRM.

Below are the top three automated campaigns you should create to instantly improve your experience for holders. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned pro, these campaigns will boost your engagement and retention.

The onboarding campaign: The ultimate welcome wagon

Ah, the onboarding process. We all know it's important, but it can also be a bit of a headache, especially if you’re handling it all manually. That's where automation comes in.

With automation, you can design your onboarding campaign to guide your users through the initial stages of your NFT project and help them become familiar with your goals, access levels, and perks of involvement — all at scale.

So what are some examples of effective onboarding campaigns?

Welcome emails

A personalized welcome email can go a long way in making your users feel valued and appreciated — especially early on, as they just dropped some cash to be involved in your exclusive community. Consider including a special offer to sweeten the deal.


For many holders, NFTs might be unchartered territory. Create a series of tutorials that guide your holders through the process and what may be new technology for them. If your users start to think, “Ugh, I’m so lost. What’s going on?!”, you’ve likely lost them. Don’t let that happen!

In-app messages

You might have a community for your NFT project. You might not. Either way, you can engage your members in whatever digital platforms they live in. And the cherry on top? Providing real-time support and assistance.

To sum it up, the benefits of onboarding campaigns are clear:

  • Reduced churn when holders are most likely to churn
  • Increased engagement and buy-in
  • Improved holder satisfaction

By taking the time to create a solid onboarding campaign, you'll set your NFT campaign up for success. Now, rest easy at night.

The welcome campaign: Roll out the red carpet

Now it's time to roll out the red carpet and welcome your holders to the community.

Note: This is especially important if they’re joining your project after the initial launch date. No one enjoys showing up to a digital party late.

Welcome campaigns are designed to create a positive first impression and set the tone for a great member experience.

Personalized emails (or texts!)

Send a personalized message to new users and welcome them to your exclusive community. This is a big deal! Thank them for being involved. Don’t forget that in the Holder CRM, you can now SMS text your users too. Multichannel marketing for the win!

Special offers

Throw in a special opportunity to encourage your holders to upgrade their NFT experience or learn more about your project. This is a great way to get them hooked and keep them engaged for the long-haul.

User-generated content

Highlight your holders’ own content, such as their public excitement (like a tweet!), testimonials, and reviews. Show new users the real value of being involved in your project. It’s more than just an NFT.

In conclusion, a well-designed welcome campaign will:

  • Increase your members’ loyalty
  • Increase customer lifetime value

Win-back campaigns: The art of the re-engage

Yep, it happens.

Not 100% of your NFT holders will fall in love and commit their lives to you. Sad, but true.

Maybe they weren’t in it for the right reasons and never really engaged. Or maybe they were active for a while but have since gone silent.

Deploy a win-back campaign to re-engage those holders and bring them back into the fold.


Don’t know why your holders are disengaging from your project? Send them a quick survey via email or text to get their feedback. Then, identify areas for improvement and create a more compelling project value proposition for current and future holders.

Personalized emails

Send a personalized message to inactive users, reminding them of the value of their NFT and encouraging them to re-engage in the project.

Special offers

Some holders may not have seen the value of your project once getting involved. Offer a discount to activate them again in your community.

Many projects forget about their disengaged members, and assume they no longer see value in their digital asset. But that’s not always true. They may have just forgotten their login info or had a rough week at work.

You won’t know until you try to re-engage them.

So that’s it! 

Get creative. What other campaigns can you create to engage your holders and strengthen your project’s long-term success?

We’re all ears.

Want to try out the latest version of Holder complete with automations and SMS texting? Check it out.

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