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5 Essential Web3 Marketing Automation Campaigns Every Brand Should Be Running

Ariana Layton
August 24, 2023

Is it really that important to use automation in web3? 

Uh, YES. 

Web3 automation creates a win-win situation for you and your customers — your customers will appreciate a smooth and interactive experience while your marketing team will be grateful for the effortless effect it has on your audience. 

Automation relieves the pressure of sending timely notifications —  automation flows automatically run in the background, saving your marketers time and allowing you to allocate money to different areas.

There are five essential campaigns that all web3 brands should be automating in their marketing strategy.

1. Welcome and onboarding campaigns

First things first, brands should be welcoming their new customers. It is best for brands to set up triggers that send real-time messages to customers and subscribers immediately after they join. 

Welcome campaigns express your brand’s excitement to start a new journey alongside your customers and make them feel appreciated and valued. 

After sending the initial welcome message, sometimes it’s necessary to guide your customers into the next steps they should be taking.

Create an onboarding flow to effortlessly adapt customers into your community.

2. Win-back campaigns 

When a customer churns, it is better to try and win them back rather than just letting them walk away. 

The cost to acquire a new customer can cost anywhere between five to 25 times more than the cost of retaining an existing customer (HBR). 

Automating web3 win-back campaigns empowers brands to track churched customers, send immediate re-targeting campaigns, and offer real-time deals. 

If your brand is struggling to form an effective win-back campaign, read our blog to learn three strategies to help your business re-engage churned customers.

3. VIP Campaigns

If you have loyal customers, start capitalizing on it — award loyal customers for their devotion to your brand.

Automating a VIP campaign has an endless amount of possibilities. Try offering dedicated customers exclusive deals to communicate the value they have on your brand. 

With Holder, you can track when customers reach what you set as the VIP threshold. One example of this could be a customer obtaining their fifth NFT from your brand.

Once a customer holds five or more NFTs, maybe you send them a branded ‘thank you’ NFT. 

4. Competitive conquesting

Stop overcomplicating the way you scan the playing field of competitors. Rather, raise the playing field with automated competitor conquesting campaigns. 

Set up a flow that sends messages to your competitors' customers. With web3 automation, brands have the ability to send campaigns to users based on their interactions — one example of a trigger could be when a user interacts with a competitor's contract. 

Automating triggers will allow you to stay ahead of your competition, reaching new customers like never before.

5. Internal proactive alerts

Similar to the prior campaign, brands should take advantage of web3 automation for their own gain. 

Setting up automated internal flows not only enables you with timely alerts but also equips you with the power to take proactive measures when it is most needed.  

Imagine if your most loyal customer sold all of your NFTs and unsubscribed to all your communication channels. This would be a detrimental loss.

Instead of losing them, maybe without even realizing it, set up a proactive internal alert system. Set the flow to send a direct message to your phone, prepping you on all the details you need to best address the action you want to take next.

As you can tell, there’s an endless amount of ways to manage your community with web3 automation.

If your business is looking for automation software, we would love to help. Schedule a demo

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