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The Power of Marketing Automation in Web3

Drew Beechler
June 27, 2023

Understanding your audience is the cornerstone of any successful brand or campaign, and in  today's web3 world, it's a challenge that's becoming increasingly complex. As traditional methods of communication continue to show their limitations, the need for a more sophisticated, personalized approach to marketing and customer engagement is apparent.

Holder’s Automation Builder

Luckily, Holder has meticulously crafted a breakthrough solution, Holder's Automation Builder, bringing marketing automation to web3. This is the glue that ties together our entire web3 marketing suite.

The shift away from third-party cookies has escalated the urgency for brands to comprehend and connect with audiences more effectively. Web3 provides one potential solution, and Holder’s Automation Builder is our response to this pressing need, giving marketers the sophistication and data needed to drive real meaningful customer engagement.

We merge on-chain and off-chain data to form a comprehensive view of your customers and enable true omnichannel marketing campaigns that now include web3 data and engagement channels. Marketers, community managers, and brands are able to create custom workflows, enabling them to react, predict, and proactively engage with customers.

Marketing Automation in Web3

Here are some of the ways our early users have been leveraging web3 marketing automation:

  • Build automated and personalized onboarding journeys based on what’s in your customer’s wallet
  • Run a win-back campaign when a VIP community member sells your NFT
  • Build community engagement with automated, personalized messages
  • Send an internal team alert for what’s hot — and what’s not — in your community
  • Receive an alert anytime a VIP wallet buys or sells your NFT

We are constantly making strides to fulfill our mission to redefine the web3 marketing landscape. If our vision resonates with you, learn more at holder.xyz/automation or reach out.

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