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3 Reasons Forms Are a Game Changer for Web3 & NFT Marketing

Drew Beechler
March 24, 2023

Web3-enabled form builders are officially here.

A select few NFT projects like CAMEOPASS and VaynerSports have now used Holder Forms to:

  • Collect information from leads and holders
  • Sign up for giveaways and merch drops
  • Improve the onboarding experience
  • Build token-gated email programs
  • Register event attendees

Here are three reasons Holder Forms can help take your NFT project to the next level.

1. Consented relationship

Right now, holders must authenticate their wallet and connect their accounts for exclusive access to token-gated materials.

Holder Forms make it easier to build a relationship with each member of your project – beyond your social channels, community, and email list.


Your holders consent to your communications when they input their information, including:

  • Email address
  • Twitter handle
  • Phone number
  • Wallet address
  • Discord username

Your legal team should love this. 

Holder Forms also verify the information. So not only do your holders consent to your project communications, but you can also be confident you’re only sending messages to those with access.

Verification ensures your project remains fair for everyone.

You have the green light to communicate with those who care and want to hear from you. Now use this information to form a deeper relationship with your customers.

2. Triggered messaging

Send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Set up automated emails or texts when someone fills out a form. Whether you’re collecting information on current members, generating leads for a new campaign, or building a token-gated email sequence.

Your members will always be in-the-loop.

Here are a few ideas for trigger messages and sequences in Holder:

  • Introduce your project’s mission and rules
  • Thank new holders with a gift or download
  • Communicate holders’ access level and perks based on their NFT

NOTE: We always recommend personalizing and segmenting your content based on your holder’s interests and NFT access

3. Un-siloed communication tools

Today, you must hack together several tools to collect member information, send emails and other communications, and track your marketing data.

For the first time in web3 marketing history (okay, I know it’s not that long), all your project communication needs will be in one platform on Holder:

  • SMS
  • CRM
  • Twitter DMs
  • Discord DMs
  • On-chain wallet-to-wallet
  • Dedicated and campaign emails

The opportunity to launch and sustain your NFT project got easier.

This is just the start for Holder Forms — start using web3 forms for free.

Send us examples of how you use Holder Forms, and we'll feature them.

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