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Utilizing XMTP + Holder for Event and Conference Campaigns

Ariana Layton
February 6, 2024

As major web3, crypto, and NFT conferences approach, you’re likely working on your conference and event strategy for major events like ETHDenver 2024 or NFT.NYC.

Web3 conferences play a pivotal role in web3 community building. They’re also a major opportunity for you to engage with new leads. 

We’re going to explore the best ways to use XMTP and Holder for unique web3 event activations, registrations, and engagement campaigns.

Let’s dive into three distinct approaches to leveraging wallet-based messaging at web3 conferences. 

1. Side Event Registrations

Side events can be as simple or as extravagant as you want them to be — most commonly, happy hour events are a great way to foster connections with your customers and prospects and cultivate stronger relationships. 

Utilize XMTP messaging to streamline your event registration process. Wallet messaging is a great, wallet-aware way of collecting registrations. This lets you easily token-gate registrations, collect wallet addresses from attendees, and engage them in a web3-native way.

You can set up an automation flow in Holder for a user to text ‘ETHDenver’ to your wallet and receive the information and registration to your happy hour. From there, you can either set up an auto-reply to send a link to a Holder registration form or you can capture the entire subscription just through XMTP messaging. 

Once you've captured registrations, maintain communication through wallet messaging by providing updates and reminders directly to their wallet using XMTP. 

2. Onsite Lead Capture

You can also leverage XMTP messaging to capture new leads at the conference. 

Use signage at your booth or event to prompt individuals to text a designated keyword, such as "demo," to your address. This approach seamlessly adds new prospects to your network and expands your brand awareness. This innovative, web3-native engagement method will set you apart from competitors and enhance your presence at the conference.

A great example of this is XMTP’s Crypto Cornerstore at ETH NYC. XMTP set up a store where people could buy coffee, claim a Lens handle, or request testnet funds all through XMTP messaging.

Creativity always wins — by capturing the attention of attendees, your brand will remain at the forefront of their minds.

3. Giveaways and Contest

Organize a contest or giveaway using XMTP messaging during the conference to incentivize engagement.

There are numerous approaches to achieving this goal. For instance, encourage booth visitors to text a unique keyword (only found at your booth) to your wallet address for a chance to enter a raffle and win exclusive merchandise.

Another idea is to plan a conference-wide scavenger hunt with the power of wallet messaging. Designate specific missions and assign point values, rewarding the top three participants with prizes. Mission objectives could include obtaining a special keyword from a face-to-face encounter, sharing a key takeaway from attending a panel you are speaking on, and more.

Maintaining continuous engagement and interaction with your audience will create an unforgettable XMTP experience that resonates with your audience.

If you want to learn more about conference campaign strategies before you attend web3’s most talked about events, we’d love to strategize with you. 

Sign up for a free account to get started or book a demo with us. 

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