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The Top 8 Blockchain, Crypto, and Web3 Events to Attend in 2024

Ariana Layton
January 23, 2024

Pull out your calendars and grab a pen because I am about to tell you about eight web3 conferences you’ll want to attend this year! 

Even if you aren’t sure you’re ready to fork over the money for a ticket, these are all great events to be around even without a ticket! Not only will these events expand your horizons of web3 innovation, but they will also give you opportunities to connect with hundreds of other like-minded individuals. 

Without further ado, here is our curated list of eight conferences you should attend this year.

1. ETHDenver

Kicking us off in February, ETHDenver takes place from February 23rd to March 3rd. 

The conference is known as the world’s largest #BUIDL festival. This conference is put on by the SporkDAO — the SporkDAO was established in June 2021 and quickly became the world's inaugural event DAO. All the funds generated from the event are dedicated to #BUIDLing value for the web3 community and advancing the vision of a decentralized future. 

The audience comprises web3 advocates, developers, businesses, and more. During the event, you can expect a hackathon competition, speaker sessions, time for networking, and much more. 


This year NFT.NYC will take place in New York City, from April 3rd to the 6th. 

NFT.NYC started in 2018. Since the beginning, the conference has remained committed to empowering the NFT community. Undoubtedly, this conference brings together the best NFT artists, collectors, investors, and builders.  

While attending NFT.NYC, you’ll experience the future of NFTs — you will have access to insightful speakers, panel discussions, an art showcase, and many other activities. 

The conference is built around eight major topics ranging from AI, art, web3 business, community, entertainment, the ecosystem's future, gaming, and legal regulation.  

With over 16,000 expected attendees from over 70 different countries, NFT.NYC is the perfect opportunity for meeting new partners and growing your network. 

And… a great opportunity for you to hear Drew Beechler, our CEO and co-founder — Drew will be sharing his insight on a panel at NFT.NYC. 

3. Consensus

From May 29th to the 31st, come together with all sides of the web3 ecosystem to engage in essential conversations at Consensus in Austin, Texas. 

Consensus is put on by CoinDesk, a news site that specializes in bitcoin and digital currencies. The conference brings together people from the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and web3 community. 

At the event, forward-thinking speakers and interactive workshops address web3 challenges faced by developers, investors, founders, brands, policymakers, and more. 

By the end of the experience, you will gain the insights and tools needed to contribute to the ongoing development of a decentralized future. 

4. EthCC [7]

Pack your bags and get ready to travel aboard to EthCC [7] in Brussels from July 8th to the 11th. 

EthCC (the Ethereum Community Conference) stands as the largest annual European event dedicated to Ethereum technology and community. Each of the four days is filled with conferences, networking opportunities, and educational sessions.

EthCC [7] will encompass a wide array of topics that cater to varying levels of understanding of blockchain technology, offering insights through both keynotes and workshops.


Soon after Europe, book your next plane ticket for Tokyo, Japan to attend EDCON from July 26th to the 30th. 

The conversations at EDCON are centered around ethos alignment (ethos= ethereum + open source), interoperability, and community building. 

This conference promised to deliver a lineup of top-tier speakers, relevant content, interactive activities, and above all, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While there, you will have access to community events, workshops, demo days, and more. 

6. Permissionless III

Next on the list is Permissionless III, starting on October 9th and going until the 11th in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This conference is the third installment of Permissionless, run by Blockworks, a media and information platform that delivers news and insights about crypto. 

This event will be full of notable speakers, various panel discussions, technical workshops, and “mountain tops of fun”. 

For all the developers planning to attend, there will be a 24-hour hackathon that you don’t want to miss. 

7. Mainnet 2024

From September 30th until October 2nd, plan to revisit New York City for Mainnet 2024

Pulling together various decision makers, budget managers, creative Leads, and more, Mainnet 2024 provides a balanced representation across diverse web3 sectors.

Although the Mainnet team has not released the speakers or topics the conference will be showcasing later this year, the events will not disappoint — Messari, the leading provider of market intelligence products that help professionals navigate the world of crypto and Web3, annually hosts the unforgettable Mainnet conference.

8. Devcon

Our final recommendation is that you should attend Devcon in Bangkok, Thailand, which falls on the dates of November 12th to the 16th.

Devcon goes beyond a typical conference, serving as an inspiring gathering for web3 builders, engineers, designers, researchers, community organizers, and artists to exchange ecosystem updates and innovative ideas. 

Whether you're a seasoned Ethereum expert or a newcomer, Devcon offers unique perspectives for everyone, making Ethereum more accessible to communities around the world

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of all the best web3 events and conferences happening in 2024 — these are just eight conferences we recommend to all web3 enthusiasts! 

Numerous educational web3 events take place worldwide throughout the year. We encourage you to select a few to attend and keep exploring the constantly evolving web3 ecosystem.

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