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The Google of Web3: How Base Changes the Game for Marketers

Ariana Layton
July 20, 2023

In case you missed it, Coinbase recently launched their new Base Ethereum L2 chain, which just went live on mainnet.

We’re extremely bullish.

Like us, we’ll bet you’re curious what it means for you as a marketer, and how you can leverage it in your own marketing strategy.

Let's dive into this new world of Base and see how it’ll benefit your web3 marketing or NFT project.

What’s the big deal about Base anyway?

Created by Coinbase, Base is a user-friendly, secure, and affordable L2 blockchain that runs on top of Ethereum and was built on OP Stack  with Optimism. With Base, it’s now easier for developers to build and leverage decentralized apps.

“We see Base as a key step in bringing Coinbase’s products, users, and assets into the decentralized cryptoeconomy.” (Coinbase

Base's key features include:

  • decentralization over time,
  • open-source development,
  • more security and scalability,
  • and more features and fewer transaction fees.

The testnet went live in February 2023 and the mainnet went live in July 2023.

Why should web3 marketers care about Base?

You're always on the lookout for ways to get more attention from your market and make your marketing campaigns more effective. Us too.

Base can help in the following ways.

  • Lower costs — With Base's reduced gas fees, marketing with on-chain transactions just got a whole lot more cost-effective.
  • Faster transactions — Smoother. More seamless. That’s how transactions are changing on Base. Faster transactions allow your projects to move faster, which also ensures your customers enjoy their experiences.
  • Improved scalability — Base connects to Coinbase’s app exchange. Meaning you have access to product integrations, easy fiat onramps, and powerful acquisition tools. All the resources you need to grow your project.
  • Increased adoption — Leverage Coinbase’s 110m verified users and $80B+ assets. On-chain building just got easier. Meaning more users and more assets in the future. This is just the beginning.

So now what?

You now know what Base is and what it means for web3 marketing.

But how big of a deal is this really?

At Holder, we believe the on-chain network is the next phase of the internet. Coinbase just gave us the Google of that next phase.

Here are a couple things we predict will happen. React accordingly:

The Coinbase ecosystem will continue to grow. 

With the announcement of the Base chain, developers will flock to Coinbase to build out their decentralized projects and applications. 

This means early adopters will be rewarded.

Base allows for more connectedness. 

We’ve seen the success of app exchanges and integrations on large web2 platforms like Salesforce and Google. Coinbase created the opportunity for partnerships in the web3 cryptoeconomy. As more integrations and projects emerge, more use cases will appear.

Opportunities galore for web3 projects, marketers, and brands.

Need a place to collect, organize, and communicate with customers of your web3 project? Holder is the first and leading CRM built for NFT projects and web3 marketers. 

Get a demo here.

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