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Strategically Transitioning from Spreadsheets to a Web3 CRM: Unlocking Efficiency, Security, and More

Ariana Layton
February 21, 2024

Relying on an Excel spreadsheet or Airtable to manage customer relationships has its limits. 

And we are here to tell you that the time to make a transformative shift from storing data manually in a spreadsheet to a web3 CRM is now.

There are numerous advantages to streamlining web3 customer management through a web3 CRM — let me tell you why.

What exactly is a web3 CRM?

Unlike traditional CRMs, web3 CRMs securely store crucial customer data while also merging on-chain and off-chain information in a single, powerful platform. 

This technology allows you to store web3 data connected to public wallet addresses and provides insights into web3 social data, creating a comprehensive view of your customer relationships.

Web3 CRMs leverage blockchain technology, employing secure, open, and transparent protocols. This technology grants marketers deep insights into web3 user behaviors as all transactions, digital assets, and wallet addresses are publicly listed on the blockchain's general ledger. While you might be able to store wallets and ownership data in a spreadsheet, that data is always changing and inaccurate from the moment you put it in the spreadsheet.

What sets a web3 CRM apart from a spreadsheet?

Web3 CRMs go beyond simple data storage by incorporating additional web3 tools to help you forge stronger connections with your web3 customers. 

Holder, a web3 CRM and messaging platform, seamlessly integrates various web3 marketing tools, empowering marketers to create personalized customer experiences in the web3 ecosystem. With a holistic approach to wallet address management, our platform integrates data collection tools, web3 automation, messaging networks, and more.

Get started utilizing the power of a web3 CRM — sign up for a free Holder account.

When is the optimal time to switch to a web3 CRM and retire your spreadsheet?

The answer is now.

The sooner you migrate your web3 community data to a web3 CRM, the more efficiency, security, and scalability you'll gain. 

Proper wallet address management software allows you to utilize smart tracking, receive real-time updates, and automatically integrate web3 data.

For marketers handling numerous wallet addresses in a spreadsheet, manual input is neither sustainable nor error-proof. Through robust software, you'll experience efficient web3 community management in a user-friendly interface.

Without capitalizing on automation and smart contracts, you risk losing track of transactions. CRMs make the difference between staying on top of things and drowning in a sea of numbers.

In essence, a web3 CRM is designed to empower marketers and creators to build robust communities around various web3 projects and brands. Whether it's tracking member activity, rewarding loyal community members, or creating interactive campaigns, a web3 community management tool can handle it all.

The transition to a web3 CRM system is essential to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital landscape. As businesses grow and networks expand, effective wallet address management becomes crucial for success.

Take charge of your web3 community for free with Holder.

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