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Stop Mass Communications: 4 Ways SMS Messaging Will Revitalize Your Web3 Marketing

Most web3 brands communicate via one-to-many community channels like @channel announcements in Discord and Twitter posts.


These platforms are effective in building a community. But if you want to get information in front of the audience you've built up over time…not so effective.

One-to-many platforms are one-dimensional — you can’t personalize or contextualize your messages and campaigns.

With Holder’s brand new SMS messaging feature, you now have the power to:

  • Bring sophistication to your web3 marketing and customer engagement
  • Build owned audiences where you can engage with your customers and audiences in personalized ways

Here are four genius ways web3 customers are using SMS text.

Sending real-time updates & alerts

When it comes to time-sensitive drops, promotions, or upcoming events, timing is everything. That's where SMS comes in.

With text messaging, you can send real-time updates and alerts to holders and community members to keep them in the loop and drive more traffic to your website or other platforms.

And check this out – texts have a 98% open rate vs. email’s 12%. The cherry on top? 96% of those texts are read within the first 3 minutes you send them.

Pick your mouth up off the ground and keep reading. It only gets better.

Here are some examples of effective real-time updates and alerts our customers have used:

  • Flash sale alerts — Notify your community members of time-sensitive drops and promotions with personalized SMS messages.
  • Event reminders — Send alerts for upcoming events, such as new launches or community meetups, to keep your NFT holders engaged and excited.
  • Deadline notifications — Deliver notifications for time-sensitive actions, such as DAO voting deadlines, to maximize your community’s participation.

SMS text for real-time communications is powerful. Essentially, you guarantee your members will see your messages.

Boosting awareness for open proposals in DAOs

DAOs rely on community participation to meet quorum and make effective decisions.

But it can be hard to gather your members when they’re scattered across the internet. This isn’t your high school student council where everyone is physically present in the same room.

New times call for new measures.

Welcome SMS to the fold. With text messaging, you can boost awareness for open proposals and encourage more participation.

Here’s how some of our early web3 customers are using text in their DAO:

  • Proposal progress updates — Send updates on the progress of open proposals to keep community members informed.
  • Voting reminders — Send reminders to your members to vote on open proposals.
  • Personalized incentives — Need to incentivize participation? Offer rewards to community members who participate in open proposals.

With Holder's new text feature, you can easily send personalized SMS messages to your community members to drive engagement and results for your DAO.

Building personalized relationships with your NFT holders

In web3, community is everything.

But a lot of brands confuse community with a single community. The way to build long-lasting relationships isn’t by grouping up all your members and treating them as a whole.


You’ll only create personal relationships with your holders when you interact with them one-on-one. Like the old days.

With SMS messaging, you can create 1:1 conversations with your community members, building stronger, more connected relationships.

Here are some examples of building personalized web3 relationships with text:

  • Personalized messages — Send your holders one-to-one messages from your team to show you care about them and the success of your campaign.
  • Personalized recommendations — Offer recommendations to community members based on their interests in your project.
  • Special offers — Make your members feel exclusive. Offer new offers and opportunities to community members.

Driving traffic to other platforms

Your holders are diverse. As a marketer, you know the importance of a multichannel campaign. Meet them where they are.

With text you know you’ll deliver a message your community members will actually open. So, you can drive traffic to your website, community, OpenSea, social media or other platforms. Plus, unlike social algorithms, you won’t be punished for sending links!

Drive cross-promotion and deeper engagement within your brand by texting your candidates.

To sum it up, SMS messaging is a game-changer when it comes to revitalizing your web3 marketing. It can help you:

  • Send real-time updates and alerts
  • Boost awareness for open proposals in DAOs
  • Build personalized relationships with community members
  • Drive traffic to other platforms

Engage and retain your community members with a highly personal, intimate marketing channel.

With Holder's new SMS messaging feature, you can easily create and deploy powerful SMS campaigns that are tailored to your community members and project’s goals.

Want to try it out? Get a demo of the Holder web3 CRM here.

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