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Powderkeg Names Holder One of the Top 100 SaaS Companies of 2023

Ariana Layton
September 1, 2023

Powderkeg nominated Holder as one of the best technology companies in emerging communities outside of Silicon Valley. The award winners were announced at a national level on August 29, 2023. 

How does Powderkeg pick the top 100 technology companies?

The Powderkeg Unvalley Top 100 Awards recognizes the best startups and technology companies in emerging technology communities beyond Silicon Valley. 

Companies in the fastest-growing technology industries were selected based on information submitted to Powderkeg by employees and leadership, supplemented with publicly available third-party data. Companies were able to submit data via their profile on Powderkeg, highlighting company size, perks and benefits, funding, industry, and employee testimonials.  

This is the fifth year that Powderkeg has presented awards to recognize tech companies in fast-growing communities beyond Silicon Valley — in the “Unvalley.”

What did Holder’s journey look like to receive this prestigious nomination?

Holder received this prestigious recognition in the SaaS technology community because of their diligent dedication to building a web3 marketing and CRM platform.

Holder seamlessly connects brands and creators to their audiences by bringing the power of traditional marketing tools to the emerging world of web3. For the first time, brands can reach web3 customers through personalized experiences. 

The team demonstrates daily commitment and passion to its mission of innovating web3 marketing. To date, Holder has brought communication, automation, data collection, and personalization to the web3 ecosystem. 

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