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Introducing Holder Frames Builder

Drew Beechler
March 27, 2024

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of another industry-leading product today from our team here at Holder: Holder Frames Builder.

Frames Builder is the first frames-compatible web3 form builder. This brings the seamless distribution power of interactive frames and connects it to your Holder CRM and marketing platform.

tl;dr: Create a free Holder account here to create your first frame

If you're unfamiliar with frames, Farcaster Frames lets you turn any cast on Farcaster into an interactive app. According to Farcaster, "It’s a standard for creating interactive and authenticated experiences on Farcaster. Create polls, live feeds, or interactive galleries inside Warpcast or any other FC client." Since its launch in January, Farcaster users and engagement has exploded and a number of other platforms, including XMTP and Converse, have added support for frames.

This innovative product builds upon our commitment to empowering creators and brands to thrive in the ever-evolving Web3 landscape.

Since our founding in 2022, Holder has always been at the forefront of web3 marketing. We were the first marketing platform to integrate Farcaster and Lens data directly into our CRM platform, the first to launch a wallet messaging platform and State of Wallet Messaging research report, and now we're taking things a step further with Holder Frames Builder.

The rise of decentralized social and messaging networks like Farcaster and the XMTP has opened exciting new avenues for brand storytelling and community engagement. Frames are a core component of these platforms, offering a dynamic and interactive way to share information, updates, and announcements.

Holder Frames Builder is a no-code tool for building engaging, interactive content directly within your Holder workflow and sending the data collected back to your Holder CRM and marketing campaigns. Integrated with our current form builder, you simply create a new frame; add individual frames with options for buttons, multiple-choice, and text inputs (like email capture); publish your frame; and share your frame on Farcaster or in an XMTP conversation.

Holder then hosts and serves up the frame interactions on your behalf without needing any back-end or coding experiences.

Holder Frames Builder empowers you to:

  • Effortlessly create captivating frames: Our intuitive interface makes it easy to design visually appealing frames, even for those without technical expertise.
  • Build frame experiences integrated with Holder: Automate follow-ups, collect leads, collect event registrations, send XMTP messages, run marketing campaigns, and more all in one web3 marketing platform.
  • Streamline your workflow: Build frames directly within Holder, saving you time and keeping everything organized in one central location.
  • Track frame performance: Holder captures high-level analytics on engagements, completions, and responses so you can accurately track performance of your frames and who is interacting with your frames.

We believe everyone should have access to the power of a no-code frame builder like Holder Frames. That's why we offer a free plan that lets you get started creating frames today.  Free accounts will include a "Powered by Holder" watermark, but you can unlock complete creative freedom and remove Holder branding by upgrading to a paid plan. We may add a Frames-specific plan in the future if we see enough demand just for this builder (reach out to @drewbeechler if that would be of interest).

Create your free Holder account here and navigate to Forms to create your first frame!

Share Your Frames with the World

We can't wait to see the incredible frame experiences you create with Holder. Share your best frames in the /holder channel on Farcaster and we'll help promote our favorites.

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