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How to Win at Marketing in a Cookieless World: 3 Tactics to Implement Now

Skyler Braun
April 20, 2023

The new age of consent is upon us and marketers are … well, confused.

Sixty-five percent of marketers feel it’ll be difficult to engage customers if they continuously have to ask for their consent to gather the information (PII) they need to personalize experiences.

But rather than viewing this new wave of privacy as a hindrance to marketing capabilities, a lot of web3 marketers are optimistic for all the new opportunities.

Sure, the cookieless landscape may seem daunting at first, but with the right tactics and tools, you can still drive success with personalized customer experiences. We’ve seen it done – and at scale.

Join us as we explore the future of marketing. Here are three tactics to prioritize at your company in a cookieless world:

1. Emphasize transparency & user control

An Interactive Advertising Bureau study says 47% of consumers try to purchase more from transparent brands. And 30% went so far as to say they only make purchases from these companies.

As these numbers are increase, the opportunity is crystal clear.

In a cookieless world, it's important to put the user in the driver's seat. What does this mean?

  • Offering clear, effortless opt-in options
  • Allowing users to control their own information
  • Being open, honest, and transparent about your data collection practices

By doing so, you'll not only comply with emerging privacy regulations across the globe, but you'll build trust with your users and investors too.

Check out the Aztec Network, who raised $100 million in their Series B financing led by Andreesen Horowitz and aims to encrypt the Ethereum blockchain.

"What we’re building is a revolutionary piece of technology that transforms how we interact with each other online, in which the end user is the customer, rather than the product. End-to-end encrypted blockchains protect individuals. Transparency begets verifiability.”

2. Focus on unique identifiers

As of November 2022, there were 85 million blockchain wallet users around the world. That means 85 million opportunities to create personalized experiences for users across every industry.

Wallet verification provides marketing teams a new way to personalize the holder and customer experience. (Yes, it’s still possible to identify and target users – while still respecting privacy regulations.)

For example, a gaming company can use a player's wallet address to identify them and tailor their in-game experience. This might include offering custom tutorials, special promotions, and personalized in-game rewards all based on the player's skill level, progress and interests.

And with an NFT campaign, you can offer exclusive assets to increase the value of the experience. By leveraging a wallet address as a unique identifier without exposing PII, this gaming company can ensure the player is in control of their own personal information.

3. Leverage your community

Your customers truth their friends and colleagues. So if you can create a strong, interest-based, engaged community of people they get to know and trust – all built around your brand – , you have magic in the making.

Here are a few ideas to make the most of your holder or customer community:

  • Leverage user-generated content
  • Foster relationships with trusted influencers
  • Incentivize members to invite others with similar interests

For example, a fashion brand may host virtual events and invite its most engaged customers to attend.

These events could be virtual fashion shows, Q&A sessions with designers, or exclusive discounts. By offering exclusive experiences to community members, this fashion brand could increase engagement and drive more bought-in customers ready to convert.

So, sure, marketing in a cookieless world will present challenges you’ve likely never dealt with.

But get inventive. Get creative. Meet your customers where they are… just like you did when you had all your customers’ information.

By prioritizing data privacy, focusing on unique identifiers, and leveraging your community, you'll create personalized experiences that drive engagement with your target market.

Don’t know where to start? Holder’s CRM allows you to collect, organize and segment your web3 customer data. Check it out.

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