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Announcing Holder's Latest Partnership with Nomad BLVD

Skyler Braun
October 5, 2022

Skyler here! I’m super proud to announce the launch of Holder’s latest partnership with Nomad BLVD 🎉

We first started our partnership with Andy, at the NomadBLVD team, back in June when we were first starting our design partner program. We were stoked at the opportunity to collaborate with their incredible team on a platform that would help them better reach the Nomad BLVD community and drive more value to their holders. Andy’s vision for a brand and community is exactly the kind of partner we wanted to work with.

I also wanted to share a bit of background on Holder for the Nomad BLVD community. Holder is a web3 CRM and marketing automation platform built for web3 brands and communities like Nomad’s. Through Holder, Nomad BLVD will be able to expand how they manage and communicate to their owners and community members.

What does this mean for you? You will now have more ways to ensure you don’t miss out on the latest announcements, drops, and content! In fact, we'll do that right now. Here is some alpha:

In celebration of the success from their physical gallery in West Hollywood, Nomad BLVD is holding an upcoming drop called “ _gen+esc”. This will be Rabi’s genesis collection, which will be 11 unique moments from Rabi's directorial debut (which you can view here) Each piece is an edition of 33. If you hold a first edition Nomad, you will receive early access to this very limited drop.

If you are a Nomad holder or community member (or want to join the Nomad community), you can join their community and sign up for updates here.

Interested in learning more or think Holder may be the right solution for your web3 project as well? Signup for our waitlist at Holder.xyz to stay up to date with us or get early access to Holder like Nomad BLVD.

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