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Holder Chosen as One of Sixteen Startups Included in the First Consensys Fellowship Program

On November 6th, Consensys announced the 16 companies selected to be included in the first cohort of the Consensys Fellowship Program.  

The Fellowship is a 12-week program designed to support 15 startups leveraging MetaMask SDK, MetaMask Snaps, and Linea. Read more about the Fellowship program and its mentors and advisors here.

The first Fellowship cohort consists of:

Holder 💼 (@holderxyz): Holder is a web3 messaging and marketing automation platform for customer engagement in the decentralized world. Website

Common Ground 🦹🏽‍♀️: Common Ground coordinates across chats, calls, forums, and ecosystems to redefine the way we interact on the new web. Website

Butter 🧈: Butter is a protocol for DAO Governance. Website

Bonadocs 📄: Bonadocs simplifies smart contract integration and collaboration, streamlining workflows, documentation, and smart contract integration. Website

Tezoro 💰: Tezoro offers a smart contract solution to recover your crypto in case of lost access to your wallet or unforeseen circumstances. Website

Denota 🔍: Denota is a next-generation payment protocol and SDK that enhances payment disputation, access control, document attachment, and more. Website

Toaster Finance 🍞: Toaster Finance is a DeFi All-In-One service that simplifies access to multiple DeFi protocols. Website

PADO 💡: PADO offers IZK Attestation to bring all Internet data to smart contracts. Website

Noves 🌠: Noves transforms how you work with smart contract blockchains, saving time and delivering advanced capabilities. Website

zkUSD 💲: zkUSD empowers privacy and stability with zkSNARKs in the realm of decentralized finance. Website

Epoch Protocol ⏳ (@0xEpochProtocol): Epoch Protocol introduces a new way of sending web3 transactions, allowing automation, scheduling, batching, and chaining. Website

Greg 🔗: Greg provides a practical and secure wallet solution for customers. Website

Taigalabs 💡: Taigalabs focuses on verifiable computing, particularly in user-generated ZK proofs. Website

Relayer 🔒 (@relayerprotocol): Relayer optimizes on-chain performance marketing through targeted wallet reward experiences. Website

Xtremely 🚀: Xtremely offers a groundbreaking solution with its "Dynamic Graph-as-a-Service" to optimize transaction routing and arbitrage. Additional information available upon request.

Caddi 🫡 (@Caddi_Finance): Caddi Finance helps users save money on every trade. Website

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