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HODL Podcast Episode 11

HODL Episode 11 was originally published on May 9th, 2023.

Join Drew, Skyler, and Joel with special guests Jeff and Chris from JUMP as they discuss the JUMP community and recap the Consensus. Holder is close partners with JUMP, are all personally SkyClub members, and love the community JUMP is building — they are some of the brightest minds in web2 and web3 marketing.

Episode Rundown: 

  • Drew introduces Jeff and Chris from the JUMP community.
  • Jeff announces the launch of SkyNews.
  • Why is Consensus the best conference in the industry?

For a written deep-dive on Consensus, check out the articles written below by fellow JUMP members, TPAN and Chris Sotraidis.

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Podcast Transcript

Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below: 

Welcome back everyone to the Hold on for Dear Life Podcast, which is brought to you by holder. If you are familiar with holder, we are web three CRM and marketing automation platform. And this is our weekly semi weeklyish podcast that we do just highlighting key trends and headlines in the industry.

And some of our thoughts and the impact on our business and around Web3 as a whole. Last week, so we were recording this on May 4th, may the 4th be with you. So we were recording this on May 4th and last week was consensus, which is arguably one of the largest crypto conferences and even longest standing crypto conferences.

It was held in Austin last week. And so we thought this week would be a bit of a consensus recap. I myself was there. at the conference personally, holding down the four for holder. We just had an amazing experience. We also asked two of our close friends and partners, Chris Martin, a.k.a. Marty and Jeff Kaufman from Jump to join us on this podcast as we were hanging out with them all week and attended and co hosted an event. with jump and their community on Thursday morning, which is a blast.

If you're unfamiliar with jump, we're, we've been, I think I've been personally a sky club member for over a year now, which is. There's a ton of fun. We're all actually personally sky club members.

And just love the community at jump and what they're building. I feel like just some of the brightest minds in both web two marketing and web three marketing, and it's just an incredible community. And again, like I mentioned, we had the pleasure of getting to co host a Jump Meetup at ConsenSys last week.

So we just thought we would have Chris and Jeff come on the podcast this week with us to do a bit of a ConsenSys recap with you all. Chris and Jeff, thanks so much for joining us and so glad to have you here. 

Excited to be here. Thanks for bringing us on. Consensus recapping consensus, I think is a must.

If you didn't go to consensus, this is a show and some content that you want to listen to, because if there's one conference to attend, if you had to choose one, which I always love forcing that question, I would say if you got to go to one Web3 conference, it's going to beconsensus. 

I would totally agree.

This is my first year at consensus. It was my second year at NFT MIC. I've been to many conferences over the years and like my prior life to spoke and help put on, conferences like Dreamforce and things for Salesforce. And I would say this is probably definitely up there with my favorite conferences and by far my favorite and the best crypto web three.

Related kind of fintech and general related conference that I've been to for sure. And Marty you've been to, you've been to a ton of conferences over the year. I you're in your role as business development and ad tech for 10 years. You probably went to what five plus conferences a year.

How does web three conferences and consensus compared to that? 

Yeah, no, I was just thinking about that actually recently, just because we were chatting before we kicked it off and how it's how grueling it can be for those couple of days, being on your feet, running around all day, talking to people, seeing new things, learning new things.

So I think that's the biggest, difference from me really, when I was thinking about it, it's back in the space and programmatic being in there for a decade, you knew it, knew the lay of the land, knew some of the people, but in this space, as things evolve so quickly new tech gets built, protocols are being started.

It's just like always on. So I think that was the biggest thing that I realized is not only just like physically demanding just from being on your feet for two days and barely getting any time on your computer to get caught up, but it's also just all the learning. And all the people you're meeting and getting the network with is just like always on conversations.

So that I think was just always a good takeaway, but that's why it's always tiresome after these couple of conference days, it's just awesome. Meeting all these people. 

It's so good. I think for me, it it was definitely the best crypto conference from like a content networking and even business development, on the holder side of things.

But I think also just in general and web three and in this industry, I think, the three of us, at least Jeff, Marty and I have talked about this in the past too, but like this industry is remote, so global and it's very digital. And so I think these conferences are huge rallying points, I think for the industry as a whole.

So it's so fun when you actually get to bring a community together when you get to bring, members of a Dow together, in person almost for the first time, usually at some of these conferences that there's just something around that kind of. Just solidifies a community and solidifies a lot of those relationships.

And so I think it's interesting, the like conference culture around the kind of web three industry is really unique and, even in one of maybe my second favorite of it behind the jump our jump coffee coffee meetup. And Thursday morning was the Myosin team hosted just like this, barbecue in their backyard of a house on Wednesday night.

And it was just very kind of low key and intended more just for people to meet and connect and those kinds of events, you don't, that doesn't happen at Dreamforce or other like industry style conferences. And I think there's just something and I think that's what like makes me really enjoy those conferences and just Austin is amazing city to host something like that.

New York is great, but yeah, Austin is just an awesome, an amazing city and you too. I know. Care deeply about, about that part of the country, but but yeah, it was an incredible experience. I think for me. So when we think about, especially for people that might be listening to this, that don't go to these conferences or they're getting into web three how do you make sure that you have a great conference experience?

That's a big question. And the how would be you got to get plugged into these communities because when you take a step back, you've got basically a bunch of telegram chats where all the conversations are going on, who's going to this, who's going to this. Which event are you going?

Are you going to be at the Myosin? Are you going to be at the Jump Coffee Meetup? Are you going to go to the main stage to see this speaker? And then where are you going for dinner? And really to have that great conference experience is being plugged into these various communities. Obviously Marty and myself are running the Jump community and trying to organize as much there.

But we're also getting plugged into other communities and trying to be involved in all of these other telegram chats that are going on. So it's like in my previous conference experience, I was not in 10 group threads around what's going on at the conference and like seeing people's photos and getting these live updates on where people are at.

But in the absence of that. If you just show up and you're not plugged into a community, then it probably would feel like a typical conference. But like you said, Drew, because of the culture of Web3, because it is so community oriented, everybody is working remote and we are connecting a lot digitally because of that.

And then that means these conferences are even more important when you're plugged into the communities and all these sort of these side telegram chats, that's like the magic or the tactical for for having a great experience. I completely agree. I think, and maybe this is a good segue and then we'll come back in, but I think you two are phenomenal at how do you build that community, especially within jump.

So maybe just, could you share even just a little bit more for those listening that may not know what is jump and how to jump come to be and what is the jump mission? 

So jump the name, the mission is in the name. When you think of jump it's to jump into web three.

And that release comes from back in 2020 when I started talking to my network, which is the world where all of us come from enterprise agency, brand, MarTech, AdTech, just marketing in general the world that world was just completely utterly 100% not aware of Web3. And so then when you think of jump, if the mission is in the name, it's how to jump into web three.

Now, one of the reasons why we went with that name is because you can replace into web three with into the future. And so when I imagined back in 2020 jump into web three one thought that I had was that one day. Web three is not going to be the cool thing. We're just going to be like, Oh, this is normal.

Could you imagine if a community just branded itself as web one, it wouldn't age really well over time. So we're aware to not put three in the name or anything like that. It was just jump and really it's jumping to the future right now. That's web three. But honestly, our mission is to continually push the sector of marketing, this idea of brand building, which when you think about business.

You've got the product side, and then you've got the other side, which is marketing, it's go to markets, building the brand it's satisfying customers, it's doing all of that stuff. And so jump is designed for that and really to be a community. So what does that actually translate into what we do? We've always wanted to be a place that can lift up the thought leaders, the builders, the doers, the people that are actually paving the way.

And really making, creating the path for the rest of the industry to, to jump into the future with us. So individuals like yourself are a big part of that and a big part of that mission. And so what do we, what can we do as a community to continually provide space and an environment to do that.

So by the time this airs, JumpNews. xyz will will be refreshed. A new version of that will be live. And that is the that this is going to be the culmination of three years of realizing that vision of basically being a platform for our community to help move the world along faster.

So we're going to have, we start high level mission and then you go super tactical and product. Jump news is essentially that platform. So every, you guys mentioned sky club earlier sky club, those who hold the sky club NFT are essentially the core of the ecosystem and the people that are make.

King this this world come true. All sky club, NFT holders will be able to have a contributor profile on jump news and basically share basically two things, their contributions within the jump ecosystem. So if it's hosting an event. Or it's running a workshop or doing something like that for the community and the industry.

That's a place to talk about it and put it publicly out to the world. But it's also a place to share thought leadership. Along with the launch of Jump News and these contributor profiles. To be able to publish content and to put that thought leadership out in the world, we're going to be launching mastermind sprints.

And the mastermind sprints are basically open to everybody in the community, that meaning sky club holders where we will come together and I will basically lead. Whoever jumps into these mastermind sprints through a series of workshops that will help those individuals bring their ideas out and work on those ideas.

Because, I would just say individuals like yourself have a lot of incredible insights. But you're so busy building product and you're so building, getting customers and fundraising and all of that stuff. Really what these sprints are designed to do is to help you stay, take a step back, reflect on the industry and what you're doing with a group of like minded people and then ultimately get that thought leadership and publish those ideas out to the world. And at the end of the day, hopefully that pushes the space forward, but it also helps, a company like Holder realize its vision and become the the product and the company that it wants to be.

So Ideally if jump is successful, it's literally a platform for its members and and for those that, and for the industry to learn from.

You're building a community and it's a group here where you can step out even, and the community members can still engage and can find value and try value among each other. And I think more and more of the products you are releasing is just moving in that direction around how do we.

Give access, give resources, give, opportunities connection relationships to the members of the community that helped them thrive and push the whole ecosystem forward. And I don't know, that's why I'm just such a fan personally of jump and why we've we love what you all are building even as a team here at holder.

So thanks for sharing Jeff. That's just super exciting and encouraging when I hear you talk about that. The mission and around jump.

And I like the way that you, didn't start using the three in your name. So that makes me curious too. Jeff, with the launch of the news portal coming up on Monday, what do you envision is the type of content that you see there? Because when I think about the next generation of the internet, I think it's going to be more than Web3 one day.

We're already starting to talk about what role is AI going to have in these sorts of things. And. How is this all going to play out? Do you envision that kind of content living there as well? Or is the focus more on the web three and blockchain sides of things? 

Yeah it's more expansive.

And so the tagline that you'll see on the on the website is for marketers who care about Web 3 and emerging technology, that and emerging technology is a key component of that, because really that means everything. And if we really want to go down the rabbit hole of emerging technology and what I nerd out about.

It's space. It's biotech. It's like literally everything. And I would I think you guys would also agree. And really a lot of people in our community when you find the other web three nerds out in the world and you start asking them what else they're interested in. You'll find space technology and all this stuff.

And the reality is there's there's a marketing's role is super important. And all of that, I actually go way back to my college days in terms of when I'm just trying to decide what am I going to do in the world? I'm like, I'm not an engineer. I can't write code. I can't do all these things that I love to read about and participate in.

But what I can do is I can help these technologies come to life and maybe I can help them come to life sooner. Maybe I can help them find. Customers sooner and these businesses can grow sooner. And so in some sense, like jump is also an extension of that. And I think there's some commonality with a pretty much all marketers who care about emerging tech.

Probably in some sense, if they haven't thought about it, feel the same way in that they really enjoy helping bring these new technologies to life and that our role as marketers is extremely important. Once that sort of technology and innovation has found its new place in the world, it's up to us to actually bring it to life.

So yeah the content on junk can really be pretty quite expansive. And I would just say, anything that has to do with building the future could probably be in there. But then but from a marketing angle from a marketing perspective from that filter or I. It's probably not the place.

It's probably not going to evolve into the place where we're breaking down like the science or the technology or things like that, only to the extent that we need to be able to explain them and build marketing campaigns and bring them to market. So there is that angle on it, but when you think about jump and that sort of ultimate tagline of jump into the future another reason why I loved the name was you could jump into space, you could jump into biotech, you could jump into robotics, you can jump into AI, you can literally jump into anything.

And if we really expand that out, and we say, wow, we have 5,000 Sky Club holders, and they're all sort of experts in these different areas. That's where you can start to hand over the mission and have this DAO like community led emergence where it's what do you want to jump into?

What, like, how do you want to challenge people to jump into what? Because I can only come up with so many things and I certainly don't know what all is out there. And there's so many smart people. And hopefully where that leads is this collective intelligence that's we, that's basically public, right?

Because up until now, we're having this conversation to put what we're doing and Our ideas out into the world. But for the most part, we've just been a discord community locked away. Nobody can see who's in there. Our ideas are trapped in this server. And moving forward, those ideas and those people who are in the community will be opened up to the world.

One thing we haven't talked about there. And then if we want to, if there's more questions, we can keep diving into it because it really is like the next couple of weeks. And what's happening is the culmination of two years of product building and community building. But we'll also have member profiles live and member profiles can really be anybody.

Anybody can sign up for a member profile. You don't have to be in the marketing industry. But really, when you think about it, there's four large agency holding groups out there. Google, OASIS, Omnicom, we all know them. There's 500, 000 employees within those agency holding groups. Every single one of those employees should have a member profile on Jump News, hands down.

That should just... Happened because this will be the space where marketers talk about emerging technology and, not to throw shade at any media outlets or platforms legacy, but they're just not equipped to talk about it, right? Some of the legacy platforms like. They just don't know.

And then when you look at sort of the decrypts of the world and things like that, they were really born from the financial side and the engineering side. So there's really this space that we need to be able to talk about this stuff. And fast forward one to two years. What is the jump ecosystem look like?

Hopefully it's it's a few thousand sky club holders running monthly mastermind sprints, publishing their ideas out to the world to a hundred thousand plus. Member accounts who on their member profile page actually have personalized news being delivered delivered to them based off of a whole variety of blockchain community and AI signals that will create that experience for them.

It's so exciting. I'm excited for this launch. So maybe just very quickly plug as well. If someone is interested in joining Jump, interested in joining Jump News or interested in Sky Club, where should they go after listening to this episode? 

Yeah. So if you just want to casually explore and start to dip your toes, Jump News is the way to do it.

You can just seamlessly create a member profile and start participating and start looking at the contributors and. other members. But then if you want to go deeper, it's Jump Community. So those are two domains, jumpnews. xyz and jumpcommunity. xyz. Both are being refreshed. So hopefully the community website will be refreshed by next week.

It might not be. But really we think of the community website as the ecosystem. So that's where you can discover everything that's going on. In the world of jump. And then jump news is the news about what's going on in the ecosystem, if you will on jump community, that's where you can apply for a sky club membership and to mint that token.

And basically go super deep. And I would say the individuals that should explore that you don't have to be an expert in web three to apply. We actually welcome people who are not experts in web three. What we're looking for is smart, passionate marketers.

Because really, none of us have been in this space a long time. I can claim three years of deep full time work, and that's not a lot. And so people who are just starting out their Web3 journey are more than welcome to apply. And start that path. I think we've all seen people go from, very little knowledge of web three, but in six months they're just crushing it.

And so we very much welcome people who are just getting into the, to the space. Completely agree. There's no like true expert yet in web three. And if you are brand new, you are not very far behind at all from all of us. And so we're all just making it up. If you're listening to this, you are like way ahead, like you're 99.9%. Even if this is the first Web3 podcast you've ever listened to, you're 99. 9% ahead of everybody. You're early. Yeah, I don't, the number of times that I've talked to other people, especially like friends and just family members, and there's not a single other person that I know that is not like sitting in this room or on our team or sitting on this podcast that I talked to that are, have any idea or care about anything, web three, NFT, whatever related blockchain, anything.

Like they know it exists and that's about it. That's just, that's how far they go. So it's, yeah, it's crazy. Cause I wouldn't every day at work, I feel like this space is a lot bigger than it really is because we're in it. We're in the thick of it all the time. But then I talk to... I go home and my wife's I still don't understand what you do.

It's I know you engineer, but other than that, I don't understand what you do. 

I love it. Maybe it brings us back a little bit to the consensus recap as well. I feel like for me this year and just the conversations as well, they were happening. It feels like we're at a bit of kind of an inflection point in the industry where I think a lot of the attention, and the first kind of early years was around price speculation.

I think, we're seeing some of that with Pipit coin and all of our meme coin kind of ERC 20 is going crazy right now still. But I think the conversations at least across consensus were much more around how do we drive into utility around elevated user experiences. It was things around scaling solutions and even from the fortune 500 execs that were there.

Us house of representatives that were, speaking around regulation. And so I just think it felt a little bit more quote unquote grown up which, which I think is really interesting and really helpful as we push the industry forward. Like I would say overarching probably some of the three, four key themes to me were like elevated consumer experiences are key.

That's what we have to push for as an industry, especially as like marketers. I think regulation is vital. We heard that, I feel like from both the people doing hard tech infrastructure things in the world, and also from people like the head of innovation at PepsiCo, they were just saying, this is really vital for us to figure this out.

 Then maybe thirdly is just the web three in general is. Much broader, which back to a little bit to our prior conversation than just, blockchain technology, but it is around like this kind of powers. A lot of other emerging technologies we're seeing in the space and can be leveraged and also propel some of those technologies like AI.

There are so many conversations around AI like Edward Snowden spoke and it was all around kind of data privacy with AI and everything. And so there are a handful of sessions all around just even kind of Thanks for joining. AI and both what's its impact on blockchain and web three, but also vice versa.

How does web three maybe even make AI more, more important or vice versa as well. But anyway, those are some of the kind of key themes too, that I saw at the conference and I think a lot of it around more. How do we drive mass adoption? How do we find those killer apps, if you will.

So one, one of the my insights or takeaways that I can share and a unique perspective and experience that I had was when I rolled up. Wednesday morning I was presenting in the institutional investor room so to give you a lay of the land of what this presentation was like is basically me standing up there for 15 minutes talking to 30 people who controlled 1.5 trillion. That was the that would that was it. It was there was no slides. It was just. This is Jeff. This is his thesis. This is what he's seeing in the world. Now you can drill him with questions. And one of the things that I asked this room because this room think like deep finance, deep tech. And that's what their understanding is just like and regulation and all that stuff.

And I was brought in to bring them a totally different perspective, like the consumer and the culture perspective. And one of the things I asked them was, and this is a room of like knowledgeable people. They all have wallets. They've all purchased NFTs. They're active. I asked them who all here is.

Bought anything from Nike or Starbucks and everybody raises their hand. And then I said, who all here has a dot swoosh ID or is a, has a stamp from Starbucks odyssey zero, nobody raises their hand. Wow. Yeah. And then I said, okay, everybody be honest. Is this the first time you've ever heard of dot swoosh?

And Starbucks odyssey, which these are both the web three initiatives for these gigantic brands, not a single person in the room had heard of either of those two things. And so that's what I said, listen, y'all these are the largest brands in the world. between the, or some of the largest brands in the world, consumer brands, right?

Not a brand like Google or Facebook, but like these sort of brands that people, they have a totally different feeling towards and relationship with but we put Starbucks and Nike more into that category of brands we love than like meta and Facebook. Those tend to find their way into the brands we don't love, but we have to interact with bucket.

But that was to me a huge insight. It's looking at this massive room of capital. And they have no idea what's going on. But in that moment, that entire room was made aware and where what ripple effects that has on the space. I don't know. But that's that was one kind of moment that was fun.

Yeah. I think in Marty, you hung out quite a bit too, in the brands stage on Wednesday, they had an entire kind of brand summit. Sam Ewan from CoinDesk really led that effort who I believe is also a jumper, right? 

Yes, he is. OG first, maybe first 50. 

Wow. Yeah. It's pretty incredible.

Anyway, he did an amazing job at organizing this session, but that was session, is every from LVMH to. To Warner to Diageo to Kevin Rose and Bobby hundreds spoke. That was an amazing session, but like the content in that panel. And I think just a little bit, Jeff kind of the juxtaposition in the conference was like so much institutional money and kind of deep tech infrastructure, but then also shifting and that whole kind of day was just focused around how do we elevate, brand consumer experiences. How do we find The true kind of killer apps that bring, these mass consumer populations into the space and what's going to bring them there 10 X better experiences, not just a little bit of a uniqueness or they want to be an early adopter.

And so anyway that, that kind of whole track I felt was really great. And it was. Interesting to see how they're thinking about, and it was nothing, no, no talk around, the floor price or price speculation or how much money that they're bringing in from a revenue perspective on these campaigns.

It is more around how do we elevate the digital experience for our, our biggest super fans basically. 

And that's a good call out because if you think about some of the other conferences, where they are focused more into NFTs and community the conversations haven't, typically evolved too much, from some of those conversations.

So it's been the same old, but like with consensus, it is, has, and it has been always innovative and trying to level up that discussion. Sam actually asked us as well, not only didn't thank you, Sam, if you're listening, because he did provide us 10 guest passes to our community of jumpers and sky club members.

So we're grateful for that, but also he also has asking us as well. Like what type of topics, as you all marketers exploring and experimenting in web three, what are you most interested in? These are discussions we had with Sam with Garrett early at the end of 2022 and then early 2023, before they really locked in all their speakers and topics and conversations.

It was great. Yeah. Like that first day, that was the key day to, for us as brand marketers, just hang out by that stage. I didn't leave really until I AI.

Just walk in the floor a little bit, but really I just was hanging out with there over on that side, talking with you outside of the the, space there and just listening in. There's a lot of good conversation. That's where I think it always has been for us valuable going to consensus as marketers and people building just because it really is making some of the those kinds of ideas of talking about how we can use AI.

The pros and cons of that. And that's something I've been leaning into as well, I'm sure a lot of us have been. So having like different conversations, not just about some of the DGN projects and some of those things has been really positive and that was the focus for consensus to have that brand summit on Wednesday.

So I think they did a really good job and they're only going to build around that and make it even better and better with the people they're bringing. Like you mentioned some of the C suite and some of the founders from these companies had a lot of great conversations just outside the stage with the same type of people.So that was a. Perfect little hub for us as jumpers to be hanging out that first day. 

And that was the brand summit was the first time they've done that. So they haven't had that component and it was a full day. They had the main, they had a huge stage and it was just like lineup after lineup.

And really when I want the consensus really elevated in that sense. I'm putting consensus on par. I think I'll go on record and say consensus is going to be more important than South by for marketers who care about tech. Because there's a level of depth and connection to web three that is so advanced that if you're not fully fundamentally in it 24, 7, 3 65, I don't know how you can like really pull together the conference experience.

That can bring this to life. I'm not saying don't go to South by, but I'm like, if you really care about South by, and you want to add one more conference, I would say it's consensus. And then just to And in some sense, summarize and look at where we're going, if we sit, go all the way back to 2020, we're not a single one of these brands that we're speaking on stage really had any clue, any plans, any budget, any teams designed for this space.

And then you fast forward to 2023 and you see the conversations and you see the full day summit. And then you imagine, okay what does that lead to in the future and where is this all going? You've got probably five or 10 brands. And when I say brands, I'm talking about like more of that traditional sense, like a Nike or a Starbucks, you've got five or 10 of these brands that touch every consumer in America.

And when people talk about crypto, having a perception problem or a UX problem or an experience problem, we'll guess who's the best in the world. At create at adjusting perceptions at positioning things at creating delightful experiences for their customers. It's these five or 10 brands. And so you pair that with the massive growth in AI, which we all believe AI will actually pull the need forward for crypto and blockchain.

It actually accelerates the need for these types of technologies, the faster AI moves. And then you compare, and then you add that. All there needs to be is five or 10 brands adopt, and we already see it. It's not speculation. It's not oh one day it's no, Starbucks, Odyssey and Dot Swoosh are here and they're launching these efforts because they want to grow their business and they see a way to bypass big tech and these systems that these walled gardens that have really locked them down and preventing them from having that direct relationship.

So there's a big business need for these brands to move forward. And then what does that end up do in three years? Like this one day summit for brands is it has to be like a week long, like just to really have all the conversations. And we're talking like full on mass adoption in three years.

Like crazy  just unbelievable sort of scale in terms of people having wallets and interacting with tokens and not even realizing that they're doing it. 

Yeah. I think it's going to be a massive wave. It'll be like an, I think an overnight thing where it'll feel like, us in the industry have been like, Oh, seeing this build, but I think to a lot of other people.

It'll be an overnight Hey, I'm realizing that what I'm using is underpinned by blockchain technology. I know that Marty and Jeff have to run here. So just maybe to close this out a thank you both for joining us. This is a ton of fun and it's always just, it's always fun to hang out with both of you, especially last weekend to see you both in person again.

And I also just wanted to highlight there's two other jump community members, T Pan and Chris the traders who both recently published amazing recaps from the consensus show. And so we're going to link out to both of their recaps and the show notes for this. So I'd also they both have incredible sub stacks as well.

I'm a subscriber. And so both of these are published on their sub stacks. And so I would definitely recommend. Giving both of those a read they go into a little bit more detail into some of the very specific sessions and call outs and and I know some of them even have recordings from some of the sessions to be able to share more in depth analysis around, the session with Edward Snowden or Balaji and his 1,000,000 Bitcoin bet, which he ended up spinning down actually here at the end of the last week or earlier this week anyway.

Jeff, Marty, thank you so much for joining us. Really appreciate the time and always a blast to chat with you both. And also thank you to, to you both and jump even for my own consensus pro pass this year was super honored to get to go as one of those kind of donated from the consensus team to the jump community.

It was an incredible experience and thank you both for joining us. 


Always great hanging out with you both. And I've enjoyed you as well. Nice meeting you today. But yeah, no, thanks for being a great partner to and hosting with us. That was an awesome event, at consensus and we had a lot of good feedback and I know you got to meet a lot of good people and we got to shake hands.

So it's just that we're going to help to do that in bigger fashion next year. 

Yeah it's funny. We've all been hanging out online for the past, what feel, I feel like over a year you mentioned being in the community for a year, but I think that's just the sky club status.

I think it's probably been a year and a half and we actually didn't meet in person until NFT NYC just a couple of months ago or like a month ago. So yeah, thanks for having us. Great to catch up in, in person, IRA looking forward to future conferences. And seeing, yeah, just seeing everything that you guys are doing and what you're building with the platform.

And the wave that's coming is going to be super cool. So good luck and thanks for having us. 

Thank you both. All right. Signing off. 

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