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Checkmate: 3 Genius NFT Marketing Tactics Deployed by Visualize Value

Need an example of an NFT project that's doing everything right? Here it is.

You’ve undoubtedly seen these checkmarks passed on social media over the last few months.

Jack Butcher and his Visualize Value brand are the man and brains behind that campaign.

His checkmarks collection has minted almost 10,000 NFTs and 20,000 ETH in secondary sales on OpenSea.

This is a big deal.

But it wouldn’t have been a big deal had Butcher not taken advantage of these three genius marketing strategies for Visualize Value.

1. Checks follow the “verification” zeitgeist

When Elon took over Twitter, he instituted changes around the “checkmark” verification users display on their profiles.

The topic is heavy on everyone’s minds — especially Jack Butcher’s audience of young, tech-obsessed, digitally-inclined people.

So Butcher made the Visualize Value Checks to exploit the current zeitgeist. Brilliant.

Like all his VV art, the design is incredibly simple and recognizable.

The Checks have become so popular that other brands are pouncing on their virality.

On top of the virality of the verification subject, Butcher already had a huge following on social media  — more than a million followers across all platforms.

So he leveraged both the virality of the verification and his advantage across social channels to take Checks to heights unseen before in the NFT world. Wow.

2. The project is ever-evolving & highly engaging

No one had created such a dynamic project at this scale before. Butcher did it.

Butcher has continued to add new Checks to the collection. He even built in a slow burn feature that will engage holders for months if not years.

One Visualize Value’s most engaging aspects is how it's been gamified. Armed with game theory, Butcher specifically designed the project to be long-lasting.

Unlike many NFT projects, the man behind the mint is invested. And it shows.

Icing on the cake, Butcher even introduced Checks to raise funds for earthquake victims in Turkey. He donated all funds from the 10,000+ minted NFTs to Doctors Without Borders in Turkey.

3. Butcher built the project in public

This is something we don’t see often in the web3 marketing world.

As the project unfolded earlier this year and went through multiple burns, Butcher has updated a megathread in Twitter with project details, his thought processes and news.

This is the power of building in public.

From the beginning, he openly shared the minting and design process on Twitter, giving followers a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the project.

This level of engagement creates a sense of anticipation and excitement among his followers, and incorporating fan feedback and suggestions builds trust in the project.

By building in public, Butcher created a loyal community around the project before it even launched — guaranteeing that when it did launch, he’d have thousands of fans and followers chomping at the bit for their digital asset.

In short, Visualize Value's Checks project is a masterclass in NFT marketing.

Launching your own soon? Take notes. Try to include at least one of these elements to make sure your project mints winners:

  1. Follow the zeitgeist
  2. Make your project evolving and engaging
  3. Build in public

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