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5 Components of a Successful Marketing Automation Journey in Web3 

Ariana Layton
March 14, 2024

Marketing automation is essential. 

Automation empowers marketers to keep their customers engaged while creating scalable customer journeys. 

Today we’re going to discuss the key components of a successful marketing automation journey in web3. 

Why is automating a web3 customer journey important? 

When web3 marketers effectively leverage the power of automation, they can drive customer satisfaction, save time, and develop loyal customer relationships. 

Web3 automation enables brands to meet customers at the right time, with the right message. The significance lies within its ability to nurture leads, personalize customer experiences, and analyze data for more targeted and effective marketing strategies.

What are the key components of successful web3 marketing automation journeys? 

Many aspects of your marketing strategy can work together to build a successful web3 marketing automation strategy. 

To build a cohesive web3 customer journey, you need to capitalize on the following components in your marketing strategy. 

1. Customer Segmentation

First, you need to understand your web3 community thoroughly. 

Likely groups of your customers share common interests and purchasing habits — utilize these differences to create customer segments that align with your brand. Identify buyer personas and segment your customers accordingly. 

Adjust your segmentation in a way that makes sense for your brand. Try segmenting contacts based on NFT holdings, web3 activity, event attendance, and more.

2. Personalized Content

After segmenting your audience, it's crucial to personalize content that resonates with each group. 

By considering your customers' preferences, behaviors, and interests, you can add a personal touch to the content they receive from your brand. By tailoring personalized content to each group, you’ll enhance engagement while maintaining consistent messaging across all your campaigns. 

3. Multi-Channel Marketing

Utilize multi-channel communications to reach your web3 users. 

Web3 marketers can use automation flows to send campaigns via email, XMTP messaging, and more, enabling consistent messaging across all channels. Empower customers to subscribe to the communications they want to receive and where. 

Power this by using keyword triggers to set up and manage subscriptions and communication preferences.

4. Double Opt-In Verification

Additionally, implement a double opt-in verification process. 

A double opt-in verification process ensures that users genuinely want to subscribe to your communications, safeguarding against spam. Setting up an effective double opt-in strategy can be done in several ways. Typically, you collect new contacts through a form and then automate an email or XMTP message, prompting users to confirm their subscription by clicking a link or responding with a keyword.

This practice keeps your contact list organized and neat with users who genuinely want to engage with your brand, eliminating spam and accidental subscribers. 

5. Subscription Preferences 

Another best practice for automating a web3 customer journey is leveraging subscriber preferences. 

By offering subscription preferences such as "Newsletter," "Marketing," "Product," and others, you can tailor the information users receive according to their interests. This setup is easily managed through automated journeys linked to keywords. After receiving a keyword message, users can be added to appropriate subscription lists and promptly sent a confirmation text in response.

Subscription preferences lead to higher engagement because your marketing is tailored to their interests. 


As you begin exploring web3 automation, you will want to implement these five components to build successful web3 customer journeys.

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